My Christmas wishlist!

Lately I've seen so many ''Christmas wishlist'' posts on blogs I follow that I decided to make my own wishlist even thought that my name day is after 13 days and I should start to make my 'Name day wishlist' haha! *It's a joke* Seems that thematic w-lists are trendy now, so why not make one? And don't say that it's too early to start make Christmas w-list, because as soon as you will figure out what kind of gifts your family & friends will like/need you will be pleased that you have bought everything for them and when others will run to the store for late gifts, you will rest and say: ''Good, that I already have gifts for my beloved ones'' Right? So here is my wishlist for myself, but I'm going to make wishlist for my beloved ones too, so it will easefinding gifts for them!

My Christmas wishlist! by hellodope featuring black toss pillows

Some words about my wishlist: 
1. I definately need new notebook just for myself and my personal notes. I need it simple and I think that I've been found the right one! 
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case - I've been wanted this for so long! As I love skulls and this is just like screaming to me ''You have to have me!!!'' I think I should get it..
3. Or maybe I need Michael Kors iPhone case! Lately I've found out that I have fetish for leopard print. 

4. Lord & Berry mascara - I really need new mascara. Do you know something good to recommend? 
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet/clutch. I just would love to have it! Do you hear me Santa? Haha.
6. Candlestick - I just love simple accessories for home! Lately I've been obsessed with home decors, I'm checking polyvore at least 2 times a week to see what people loves right now about home products! 
7. Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch. Loving it! At first I didn't like it, but when I imagined it on my hand.. Yes, it wasn't love from the first sight, but maybe this will be the happy end, because I'm really thinking about getting this watch. Price is high, but maybe it's worth it! 
8. Simple white & black pillow! I would love to see my bed full of comfy pillows which would be as great looking as this one is!

Whats in your ''Chrismtas wishlist''? Let me know! :) 


  1. Yay! Can't wait for more Christmas lists to come! Bring on the holidays :)
    xo TJ


  2. Ooh love that watch! Also, this reminds me I have to get my Christmas wishlist ready haha

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I love it too! Don't forget to make it. :)

  3. love the watch!


  4. Loved the post ^_^ Thank you so much for sharing!

    I am following you on GFC now...Hope you will follow me back too!


  5. I need all of this too! I also found out i love leopard, i used to think that most animal prints were a bit trashy, oh well hhaha.

    1. Oh my same here, but actually leopard print is pretty nice!! :)