Bershka's November look

Hello everybody! Last days have been crazy including my weekend. All I did while I had so much free time while autumn holidays was sleeping, eating and watching my favorite serial. OK, I did some productive things for school with my dear homegurl and met my other friends, but how about some excersises, homework and anything else productive? I feel like sh#t. So it's the right time to do something with myself. Wish me luck with that. At least I can be proud of myself, because yesterday I finished working at home overcoming myself because I had hangover. I felt like I was still drunk after crazy saturday night at club in antoher city, but at least I got so good time. *You only live once, right?*

As I'm loving Bershka I follow them on facebook and I was so impressed with the new November look what they posted. I'm so in love, crazy! Flowers; lace and leather, blue, grey, black and a little bit of red; knits; long necklases, spikes and everything else but more charming than ever! I'm so impressed that I can't stop thinking about all these dresses I saw and antoher beautiful things. Check out their facebook page or online page here, I promise - no regrets! Here is few my favorite pictures from Bershka's November look presented by beautiful Agata Danilova.

What do you think? Love or hate it, haha? Let me know!
P.S. Check out here for few more pictures.

6 komentāri:

  1. Oh I love Bershka clothes! They don't have it in the States so the last time I went to Spain, I bought a whole suitcase full of their clothes haha!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. It's so sad, that there aren't any Bershka shop in States and same problem is here in Europe - we don't have so many shops that are available in States. :/

  2. Man patīk Bershkas veikals! Bet tā kā esmu bijusi Vācijas Bershkā un redzējusi cik foršs veikals viņiem ir, kā arī preces likās daudz kvalitatīvāks, Latvijas veikalā tik pat kā neiepērkos! Bet, protams, šīs drēbes izskatās visnotaļ foršas un stilīgas! :)


    1. Tas jau laikam katrā valstī savādāk - Kiprā iegāju Bershkā, sortiments vispār nelīdzinājās tam, ko redzēju Latvijā. Kiprā bija principā basic produkti un pats veikals tāds nekāds, vienu vārdu sakot, ja salīdzinātu Kipru ar Latviju, tad Latvijas Bershka ir daudz labāka. Bet tas neatsver to, ka laiku pa laikam viņiem ir tiešām labas kolekcijas un visu ko foršu var atrast! :)