*Hooray it's blog 200th post! Thank you all for reading my blog!*

I'm sorry about lack of activity here. I will start with tragedy which happened last week. Last thursday. The roof of a supermarket collapsed onto the people. It happened about days busiest hour, when people after work went to shop. About 54 people have died (3 rescuers including), so many people are in hospital and few people still are under ruins. 23 kids don't have parents anymore. So many people have lost their loved ones. I still can't believe this. People went to the shop for bread and they never came home again. Why this had to happen? I commiserate to everyone who have lost their loved ones. Days from 23th to 25th November was days of mourning here in Latvia. So I didn't post anything - I was not in the right mood and I think that nobody was. It all would be untimely. 

I just wanted to stop by and remind to you all guys that I'm still here. I don't have anything new to post, but tomorrow I'm going to capital city with my best friend! We're going to have amazing time together, I already know that. So stay tuned, soon I will be back with something fresh! Lots of love <3


Heels! Let's talk about heels!

Hello my lovely readers! How's your day? My was fine! I had just few lessons at school, then I with closest of my girls went to my place. I made pasta with cheese for them. We chilled a little bit with champagne and talked about heels and stuff like that as Christmas ball at school is coming. And I wanted to talk about same topic with you guys.

So, I'm 1,77 meters tall. And I don't have any pair of heels(!), because I though that I'm to tall to wear heels, but I've always loved shoes with big heel. The reasons why I don't buy any heels - I know that probably I won't wear them, as I'm too tall. But this year (Actually some months ago) I decided that I should wear heels to Christmas ball. I wish that I will found some beautiful shoes which will be perfect for attending ball and at the same I will be able to wear them any time soon again. /// What do you think of tall girls and big heels? Are you one of them? Any complex? I will be so happy if you will share with me!

These heels are my latest found! Love them! 


It's my name day!

As I predicted this day had to be good! And it was until I got home. Overall, my day was good and everyone else around me was nice to me. (except 2 persons, but it's everyday-normal-shit and for people like them there is karma!) But anyway I'm so depressed right now. There are so many things that I would love to spread around the world, but I just can't and won't doing it. And keeping my mouth shut makes me so pissed. Anyway I keep saying to myself that when I will look back at today I will laugh like crazy! At least I wish so. Right now I'm trying to make my mood from `bad` to at least `I'm OK` with some ice cream and hot tea, then I will do some homework and watch some Sex and the City episodes. Keep smiling everyone and enjoy few photos I've taken with my iPhone lately.


Happy Birthday Latvia // Winter is coming

Well, I've heard that it was snowing in Lithuania! Lucky neighbors! But even thought that everyone there is enjoying first snow, here in Latvia, today and right now we're celebrating Latvia's 95th birthday! *It's official holiday.* Almost 4 days of rest, but tomorrow I've have to go to school again. At least tomorrow is my name day, so my day will not be as grey as it usually is. Have to say that I already celebrated my name day twice - with my friends (friday, we chilled at my bath house -> local bars -> my best friend boyfriend place -> home.) and with my family (yesterday, closest relatives + really good time together.) so I already have seen all my presents. I've to say that I'm so thankful and pleased - flowers, greeting cards & really nice gifts. I'm so happy! P.S It's my sis name day today, so congrats sis! Usually it's snowing in Latvia about this time. And I've to say, that I can't wait for the first snow! And you know what? I would love to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve in NY! Why the hell not, haha? Yes, it's a dream for about 2 years already. I wish, that I will have a chance to make this dream come true someday. And what is your dream? More like Christmas dream? Something material or something else - let me know!

I wanted to share with few photos from my weekend. While you're enjoying these photos I'm going to make tea for me and watch Sex and the City season 4. Have a nice evening!


Happiness. Victim. Why?

Have I ever introduce you with my blog name? Happiness Victim? If you're interested there are two meanings: 1. Victim of happiness in a good way - it's like you have been captive by wizard and he can make come true all your dreams. So you're happy. All the time. And why not if you have a chance to be happy all the time? 2. Victim in a negative way. Someone is happy, because of you, but still you're not happy. *it's harder to explaid this version, haha* Example: You introduced your best friend to person which you like and then boom! They like each other, then they're together as a couple and you're all alone. So you had to be a victim, to make someone else happy. Actually, there is so many versions and I can say just one: I don't know why I decided to call my blog 'Happiness Victim', because I'm not happy, but I'm not a victim either. Have about you? Which variant are you?

Long time no see huh? I just wanted to update my blog quick! And I'm sorry, because I don't remember the last time when I was such a lazy blogger - about 5 days without blogging anything serious, same numeral if we talk about checking out blogs I follow on blogger & bloglovin'! I'm sorry. I will try to do my best, but school (I'm sorry, that I'm talking about school again as I promised to stop doing this often) is driving my crazy. I have so bad school grades. Next week I'm going to start study more often, so I will be able to enjoy the last school week before Christmas as good as I can! :)

Today I'm sharing with few pictures from summer. Oh, how I miss all these beautiful, sunny days. I've to say that Latvia has really beautiful summer time. Everyone is happy when summer starts here. It's amazing feeling! Last two photos are made by my sister, but edit is mine. Enjoy!


Sunday tattle & New in

You know what makes me happy and sad at the same time? My favorite serial ever - Sex and the City. OK, maybe some of you know that I've been watching it just 2 weeks (I'm watching season 3) but I've never been so curious about every serial. Now back at the point I was talking about - why it makes me happy and sad both? Because I just love those 4 wonderful womans - beautiful, strong, self-confident & knows what they want from life. Everything seems so real and they all are so honest to each other. And New York City oh my oh. Overall - I just love this Sex & the City and there are just 6 seasons and 2 films. And if I know right - that's it, no more SATC. It's so annoying, because I would love to watch SATC for ever and ever. So that's why I'm sad while watching Sex & the City. Maybe it's such a stupid reason to be sad, but you know right now SATC is just like bible. Not a sex bible but more like life bible, haha, don't get me wrong.

I wanted to (FINALLY) share with my newest buy - leopard print jumper from Zara and gift from my lovely aunt Paul Smith cardigan! So here are some pictures.

Leo print jumper from Zara

Paul Smith cardigan

How was your weekend? 


My Christmas wishlist!

Lately I've seen so many ''Christmas wishlist'' posts on blogs I follow that I decided to make my own wishlist even thought that my name day is after 13 days and I should start to make my 'Name day wishlist' haha! *It's a joke* Seems that thematic w-lists are trendy now, so why not make one? And don't say that it's too early to start make Christmas w-list, because as soon as you will figure out what kind of gifts your family & friends will like/need you will be pleased that you have bought everything for them and when others will run to the store for late gifts, you will rest and say: ''Good, that I already have gifts for my beloved ones'' Right? So here is my wishlist for myself, but I'm going to make wishlist for my beloved ones too, so it will easefinding gifts for them!

My Christmas wishlist! by hellodope featuring black toss pillows

Some words about my wishlist: 
1. I definately need new notebook just for myself and my personal notes. I need it simple and I think that I've been found the right one! 
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case - I've been wanted this for so long! As I love skulls and this is just like screaming to me ''You have to have me!!!'' I think I should get it..
3. Or maybe I need Michael Kors iPhone case! Lately I've found out that I have fetish for leopard print. 

4. Lord & Berry mascara - I really need new mascara. Do you know something good to recommend? 
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet/clutch. I just would love to have it! Do you hear me Santa? Haha.
6. Candlestick - I just love simple accessories for home! Lately I've been obsessed with home decors, I'm checking polyvore at least 2 times a week to see what people loves right now about home products! 
7. Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch. Loving it! At first I didn't like it, but when I imagined it on my hand.. Yes, it wasn't love from the first sight, but maybe this will be the happy end, because I'm really thinking about getting this watch. Price is high, but maybe it's worth it! 
8. Simple white & black pillow! I would love to see my bed full of comfy pillows which would be as great looking as this one is!

Whats in your ''Chrismtas wishlist''? Let me know! :) 


Bershka's November look

Hello everybody! Last days have been crazy including my weekend. All I did while I had so much free time while autumn holidays was sleeping, eating and watching my favorite serial. OK, I did some productive things for school with my dear homegurl and met my other friends, but how about some excersises, homework and anything else productive? I feel like sh#t. So it's the right time to do something with myself. Wish me luck with that. At least I can be proud of myself, because yesterday I finished working at home overcoming myself because I had hangover. I felt like I was still drunk after crazy saturday night at club in antoher city, but at least I got so good time. *You only live once, right?*

As I'm loving Bershka I follow them on facebook and I was so impressed with the new November look what they posted. I'm so in love, crazy! Flowers; lace and leather, blue, grey, black and a little bit of red; knits; long necklases, spikes and everything else but more charming than ever! I'm so impressed that I can't stop thinking about all these dresses I saw and antoher beautiful things. Check out their facebook page or online page here, I promise - no regrets! Here is few my favorite pictures from Bershka's November look presented by beautiful Agata Danilova.

What do you think? Love or hate it, haha? Let me know!
P.S. Check out here for few more pictures.


Skin, hair & nail care

I wanted to talk about my experience today. If you remember, but you probably don't - I started to use Merz Spezial vitamins in June and I was so excited as I thought that they will work. My skin is not that bad, but my hair is really plan (you can read more about my hair here) and my nails are very fragile, so I was really happy and excited when I got these vitamins. After month using them I thought that my hair is finally looking healthy and my nails are stronger than they were. After 2 weeks when I stopped to use them all my worries was back - my hair was bad looking and my nails were fragile again. I started to use same vitamins again but this time I knew - they're not helping and it was my imagination that I thought that something is changing. I was really disappointed. Previous week was the last week when I used my vitamins and I was so annoyed that at the same time when I was using my vitamins I broke one of my nail and I had sooo long nails and new red nail polish to try. Of course I didn't try it because I love red nail polishes and it has to be special to try it, but now my nails are so short, that I feel like naked, haha. OK, I don't want to sound stupid, but I was so pissed - it's obvious that I wasn't expecting worlds 8th wonder but at least some changes?

Have you ever tried these vitamins before? What do you think of them?

November.. It's already November.

This time it was pretty impossible to find picture which describes November from my view. I found so many pictures with golden leaves on backround, but when I look out of window I don't see leaves at all. OK, few brown shrunk leaves and everything else is so grey and not at all looking like October. Winter is somewhere near and November just looks how it has to look - grey and boring, but at the same time November is really charming the way it is. The only bad thing about this month - it's going to be colder and colder outside.. Anyway that's why I recommend to dress up warmly just for yourself - to feel good and enjoy charming November. I wanted to share with some inspiring photos from my favorite blogs, enjoy! 

from Adenorah blog.

from Sincerely Jules blog.

Overall I just wanted to wish you all succesfull and productive month! Rest before December madness - Christmas time!!! Kisses.