ZARA TRF: best finds from my view.

Feels pretty good to be back from paradise, but I thought that I've been missed so many things in fashion industry, beauty world and my personal life. So I spend my weekend examining almost 150 posts on bloglovin' and few posts from my favorite Latvian blogger blogs; I checked my favorite onlines stores to see if they have new clothes added to A/W collection and I met my friends Lāsma & Zane to gossip a little and chill together. I missed my girls so much! And now I feel like I'm totally back on track!

But now back to the point this post was about: Winter is coming! About my name day which is in 19th November it's always snowing. OK, not always, but approximately about that time it's snowing and as I have my favorite winter jacket/coat for so many years - almost 3 or 4, I need new jacket! At first I wanted to buy parka, but 2 of my friends bought black parkas and I thought: ''No, I want to buy something else - I'm not going to look similar to them!'' My other idea was coat - long coat, but then I thought - It's not my style. So what else can I buy? I have to check out ZARA's stock. And I found some nice jackets - maybe not the warmest ones, but if I will wear knitted jumper under jacket and some scarf with it - I will feel good enough. :) So here is my picks and few dresses too, wanted to share with them as they were just gorgeous!

I just love open-back dresses! So beautiful and charming they are! This one is my favorite one.
What do you think? Let me know!

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  1. I agree, open back dresses are gorgeous!!