This morning I woke up and though - another boring day at school, but then I looked in the calendar - just 10 days left!!! (After 9 days you will know about what I'm talking, finally!) Yes, it's already first October, and what can I say - time is running so fast! It's so cold outside already.. I remember, that in 28th October, when I was going to Mallorca, I had my black ballerina pumps on feet and yeah it was a little bit cold outside, but not as cold as it was this morning - I had my new ballerina pumps and it was so cold outside. Crazy. After 1 lesson in school and 2 hours of free time in school I went home. I felt just horrible and it's obvious that I will feel bad after walking around with ballet pumps when it's so cold outside already. All I can say - Autumn is here, wear big, comfy and warm knitted jumpers with leather jacket and knee boots or long, warm parkas with short biker type boots; be stylish, be happy & enjoy everything that life gives to you! And don't forget - no matter how bad it looks - smile! 

Wanted to share with picture of me, taken last fall. It's crazy how I and people around me change.. What do you think of these red lips? Do they suit me? :D Let me know! 

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  1. oh yes, it's so cold outside yet!! can't imagine that it can even get colder haha
    but the pic is lovely!


    1. Right? Same here, I don't know what I will do when it will get colder, when winter will come.
      True that :)