Nightime fun

This weekend was so good! I with mom planned to visit doctor in capital city while my sister and brother were to cinema. After all these probationary days back in summer and last six years, finally we know answer of my disease! Depression. Actually, no it's not that crazy but I have to find something that makes me happy but at the same time I've to live my life normally - I can't just leave school and find something in life that will make me happy, it's obvious! But why I'm sharing with my problem here? I just wanted to tell you all - think about your own happiness and only then about school, work - whatever that (sometimes) make you irritable. Maybe it sounds wrong but that is how depression kills you - you concentrate too much on work or school and you don't think about yourself in the same time. I hope that you understood what I'm trying to say!

So after visiting doctor my godparents drove after us and we went to my aunts aparments, we chilled a little bit and then we drove to the shopping center to meet with my sister and little brother. We walked around some shops. Personally I didn't need anything (As I thought that I will go to shop with my best friend soon) but I found some nice leather boots, winter jacket and some leo jumper for myself! Oh, I'm so happy about my latest buys and I can't wait for the moment when I will be able to show them to you all. Tomorrow starts autumn holidays so I will be as active as possible.

To see pictures from my weekend you can check out my instagram profile here and also you can follow me on bloglovin' here as we all know that bloglovin' is way convient place to follow and read our favorite blogs!

This is jacket I've been talking about - LOVE IT! It's too big on my waist but seems that it have to be like that. Pretty simple black winter jacket, but finally I have new one! Few more words about my thoughts - click here.

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