Late 'Back in summer' outfit post

Finally I could sleep till afternoon and rest all day... But my holidays totally aren't like I thought they will be - yes, I've met my girls and had good time with them, but as my brother is sick I've to watch him a little bit, to be sure that he feels good. And all these days I'm feeling so strange, I can't fall asleep and no matter how long I've sleeping I will wake up early. I think it's the time change guilt, but I didn't thought that I'm that sensitive. Sh#t! Anyway, friend of mine gave me three seasons of SEX AND THE CITY!!!!! What can be better that evening with SATC in bed + tea and chocolate? Nothing! None of any serials I've ever watched never have been as interesting as SATC is! (Of course except my favorite medical serials)

I wanted to share with this outfit for so long time ago. Back then when I was in Cyprus my sister took this photo and I really don't like how do I look here, but anyway that day I decided to dress up not in my usual outfit but with my blue blouse and white pants. And here it is - my 'Back in summer' look! What do you think? Let me know!

Blouse from Zara
Pants from H&M

Sandals from Zara

Bag borrowed from sister

What was your favorite summer outfit? Share with me!


  1. Ahh love this - I just love how white jeans look!
    Not sure if I have a favorite summer outfit, but I really miss wearing my sundresses :/

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. I love how they look too! Such a nice trend.
      If you ask me - my favorite summer outfit - simple dress! And I miss wearing sundresses too. :/

  2. Lieliski izskaties! (:


  3. Piekrītu, koptēls lielisks un mati tik smuki! :)

    1. Lieeeeels paldies! Tiešām prieks dzirdēt! :)

  4. Burvīgi izkaties (:Tomēr esmu vairāk par "netradicionālo" outfitu piekritēja.. Tā kā :D Bet nu skaista, skaista esi ((:


    1. Akceptēju to, ka Tevi vairāk saista 'netradicionālie' outfiti, jo galu galā ir jāizceļas uz apkārtējo fona :)
      Liels paldies!!

  5. So simple and chic! In love:)


  6. Ideal look, te sienta genial!!
    Te invito a que visites mi blog www.alpasofuerte.com
    Un abrazo