Late 'Back in summer' outfit post

Finally I could sleep till afternoon and rest all day... But my holidays totally aren't like I thought they will be - yes, I've met my girls and had good time with them, but as my brother is sick I've to watch him a little bit, to be sure that he feels good. And all these days I'm feeling so strange, I can't fall asleep and no matter how long I've sleeping I will wake up early. I think it's the time change guilt, but I didn't thought that I'm that sensitive. Sh#t! Anyway, friend of mine gave me three seasons of SEX AND THE CITY!!!!! What can be better that evening with SATC in bed + tea and chocolate? Nothing! None of any serials I've ever watched never have been as interesting as SATC is! (Of course except my favorite medical serials)

I wanted to share with this outfit for so long time ago. Back then when I was in Cyprus my sister took this photo and I really don't like how do I look here, but anyway that day I decided to dress up not in my usual outfit but with my blue blouse and white pants. And here it is - my 'Back in summer' look! What do you think? Let me know!

Blouse from Zara
Pants from H&M

Sandals from Zara

Bag borrowed from sister

What was your favorite summer outfit? Share with me!


Nightime fun

This weekend was so good! I with mom planned to visit doctor in capital city while my sister and brother were to cinema. After all these probationary days back in summer and last six years, finally we know answer of my disease! Depression. Actually, no it's not that crazy but I have to find something that makes me happy but at the same time I've to live my life normally - I can't just leave school and find something in life that will make me happy, it's obvious! But why I'm sharing with my problem here? I just wanted to tell you all - think about your own happiness and only then about school, work - whatever that (sometimes) make you irritable. Maybe it sounds wrong but that is how depression kills you - you concentrate too much on work or school and you don't think about yourself in the same time. I hope that you understood what I'm trying to say!

So after visiting doctor my godparents drove after us and we went to my aunts aparments, we chilled a little bit and then we drove to the shopping center to meet with my sister and little brother. We walked around some shops. Personally I didn't need anything (As I thought that I will go to shop with my best friend soon) but I found some nice leather boots, winter jacket and some leo jumper for myself! Oh, I'm so happy about my latest buys and I can't wait for the moment when I will be able to show them to you all. Tomorrow starts autumn holidays so I will be as active as possible.

To see pictures from my weekend you can check out my instagram profile here and also you can follow me on bloglovin' here as we all know that bloglovin' is way convient place to follow and read our favorite blogs!

This is jacket I've been talking about - LOVE IT! It's too big on my waist but seems that it have to be like that. Pretty simple black winter jacket, but finally I have new one! Few more words about my thoughts - click here.


Cyprus again. Part III

I decided to share a little bit more - today with some instagram photos! Actually, I should study right now - it's the last week before autumn holidays and as I haven't been in school for like 1 week.. I should really do something to raise my average grade. I will do it! But for now - enjoy few more pictures <3


First evening there. Oh my, oh my you can't imagine how long I sat on the balcony watching the sky and thanking God for chance to be there! Don't get me wrong, I'm normal, but you know -  you have to be grateful for everything that life gives to you! 

Tour day - our Latvian group arrived to some simple restourant for lunch. Two diffirent fish, shrimps, squids, octupus, fresh veggies and french fries! Hmn, I loved fish and shrimps. Squids was OK. And that's it. I didn't enjoy this meal, because my appetite was lost and nobody knows why. 

KEO - I loved this! Really good beer. I'm one of these girls who drink beer and I have to say, that I loved this - pretty simple taste and pretty similar to Latvian beer. 

Aphrodite bay. As I mentioned before - so beautiful place..

While waiting our bus some stray dog came to us. Of course I had to stroke him and it ended up with hugs and kisses and some friendly laughters. People around was like: ''Oh, so cute!'' It was so positive moment, even right now I'm looking at this photo and smiling.

Dates tree. Nothing new for me, but I just love this picture.

Chilling next to the pool. PERFECT! 

I'm not a big fan of nargile also known as waterpipe, but we had to try it - after all we were in Cyprus! 

Some cocktail.. 'Sex on the beach' as my sister said 'more like sex next to the pool'' haha

For first time in my life I visited Topshop. Such a disappointment!!! There was nothing to look at! Crazy.. I've always thought that my first Topshop visit will be just crazy because of wide range of offer. After all I just bought some lingerie. 

Last picture from my whole trip! We had to chancge our airplane, so I can say that I was in Antalya too, haha. :D Maybe someday soon I will travel around Antalya, maybe..

//All these pictures are made with my iPhone 5. Some of their quality is good, some photos are just bad, but at least I wish you enjoyed my thought about trip. I think that in future I will share with  few more photos, but for now that's it. Don't forget to check out my instagram! //
Have you ever been in Cyprus? Maybe in Turkey? What's your impression? Let me know!


ZARA TRF: best finds from my view.

Feels pretty good to be back from paradise, but I thought that I've been missed so many things in fashion industry, beauty world and my personal life. So I spend my weekend examining almost 150 posts on bloglovin' and few posts from my favorite Latvian blogger blogs; I checked my favorite onlines stores to see if they have new clothes added to A/W collection and I met my friends Lāsma & Zane to gossip a little and chill together. I missed my girls so much! And now I feel like I'm totally back on track!

But now back to the point this post was about: Winter is coming! About my name day which is in 19th November it's always snowing. OK, not always, but approximately about that time it's snowing and as I have my favorite winter jacket/coat for so many years - almost 3 or 4, I need new jacket! At first I wanted to buy parka, but 2 of my friends bought black parkas and I thought: ''No, I want to buy something else - I'm not going to look similar to them!'' My other idea was coat - long coat, but then I thought - It's not my style. So what else can I buy? I have to check out ZARA's stock. And I found some nice jackets - maybe not the warmest ones, but if I will wear knitted jumper under jacket and some scarf with it - I will feel good enough. :) So here is my picks and few dresses too, wanted to share with them as they were just gorgeous!

I just love open-back dresses! So beautiful and charming they are! This one is my favorite one.
What do you think? Let me know!

Sunday faves.


Cyprus. Part II

Hello darlings. Here you go - some pictures from my trip to Cyprus. I wish that you have read my precending post about my thoughts, so in this post I will just say a few words about pictures and that's it. I have so many pictures but I decided to share with my faves only, but if you will be interested enough - of course I can edit few more photos to show you all.

South Cyprus from 12th floor view. 

Aphrodite bay. Oh my, oh my - such a beautiful place! I would love to say that I have never seen something so beautiful before - rocks, stone beach, turquoise blue water.. PARADISE! 

We didn't visit this bar/club but I have to say that it was pretty impressing. EGO!

Para sailing/para boarding (Actually, I have no idea how to call this action) but it was INSANE! When I first saw para sailing in action I though - why not? But I knew that we will not try it. One of these days when I with my family chilled next to pool I fell asleep and shortly after I heard something like that: ''Elza?!? Elzaaa? Wake up, our plane have arrived, we have to go!'' I was like - what? WHAT? My sister with my cousin's fiance was joking.. Actually they meaned that I have to get ready for para sailing. *Must say that I'm always one of these persons who always are afraid of everything. But this time I just wore my shirt on my swimsuit and I was ready to go.* Para sailing wasn't as scary I thought ever before and I wasn't afraid any minute on the boat or while flying. I loved it! And if you ever have chance to enjoy para sailing - do it! Best memories ever. :) 

Kyrenia about nightfall. Oh, such a beautiful place, I will always remember Kyrenia.

Last day - lunch. We decided to eat simple lunch dish - pizza. And it was sooooooo gooood meal, for real. We enjoyed sea food almost everyday at our hotel or other restourants so we had to try out some pizza too.

How do you already recognize - yeah, it's me! Hello! I dressep up a bit in our last night at Cyprus. Our hotel held a solemn farewell ball in assembly hall with live music. It was really sad evening, because I really didn't want to leave. I loved people there, I loved nature and climate there, I love to be there! And I'm sure - I'm going to visit Cyprus again someday!


Cyprus. My favorite place on the Earth.

Hello everyone! I'm back from paradise. Yes, maybe I'm exaggerate, but in my eyes Cyprus was so beautiful, that I have to call it a paradise. I should start to putting out the suitcase, but I really, really don't want to, If I had a chance I would just go back and stay there longer. I loved to be there. And today I'm really, really sad because I'm at home and as I have mentioned before I hate to be at home. There are few reasons why and I will not share with them but firstly I just don't feel that I belong here. And it have been always like this.

We arrived to Cyprus last friday. When we first get out of a bus and saw area where we're going to live.. I was so dissapointed, it looked like some ghetto and I thought: ''Hell no! I'm pretty afraid to live here!'' when we get to our four-star hotel from outside it looked really simple and I with my sister thought that our room will be boring and nothing speacial, even thought I didn't expect nothing at all. When we got in our room I was screaming: ''Oh my God, oh my God!'' I was so suprised - penthouse style room (two-storey room), perfect interior and view from balcony was just amazing. Overall our four-star hotel Oscar included three to four buildings and the same number of pools. As I really didn't expect nothing at all I was so happy about our hotel. So if you're going to Cyprus, to Kyrenia I recommend you to live exatly at Oscar hotel. Staff was so nice to us, I didn't talk to our waitress to much, but he was really nice to me, he called me a princess and yesterday, when we said that we are going home he said to my aunt something like this: ''Take care of your beautiful girls!'' How can I not be happy about staff if they all were so good to us?

Most of all week we just enjoyed +28 degrees by Celsius, we went to pool, drank cocktails and enjoyed sun. We went to Kyrenia few days too, had some dinner there and enjoyed some cocktails and of course nargile also known as waterpipe. One day we had excursion with our Latvian group and guide south Cyprus, which was way more cleaned up that place we lived at. South Cyprus is more modern, there were shops like Pull&Bear, Bershka, Topshop, Ecco because it's in a European Union. In Northen Cyprus there were so many fake Celine, Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton bags and some funny Apple shirts and lighters. Northen Cyprus shops were full of fake brands, so it was pretty unenjoyable for me as I'm loving real brands. But overall it's just fiddle-faddle. Gulf of Kyrenia was full of yachts and boats, one of our free days we enjoyed having a ride on boat, we we're sunbathing from 10 AM to 5 PM. Have to say, that as I don't know how to swim I didn't get into the water, of course I regret it now.. I loved everyday we spend at Cyprus, people was so nice to us. Everybody was nice to us! Specially Turkish mens - they said compliments to us everyday and I've never seen such a nice attitude to womens from mens. Here in Latvia, mens aren't that helpful, understanting and nicely as mens were there..

I have so many things to tell you all, I will share with some pictures too, because I have so many of them!  but yeah I feel so exhausted right, that I will smoke some nargile and then go to my bed to enjoy some beauty sleep, haha. :) Have a nice friday night everyone!

P.S. Check out my instagram here, so you will see some pictures now!


Long time no see huh? I'm sorry. I'm still sick, so I'm not in right mood to update blog and you will have to wait one more week - I'm going to Cyprus tomorrow! *That was the thing I wanted to tell you all for so long!* I will not have my computer with me so you can only follow me on instagram for some updates. Have a nice weekend and next working week, I will miss you all. :)


Hold on, we're going home

Hello everyone. I just wanted to update blog quickly - friday was just insane! I with my girls celebrated friend of mine 18th birthday. Night ended up in some local bar again, with crazy dance moves and just new memories to remember. But in the next morning I woke up without my voice. *Like what?* I just can't talk at all. Ok, it was pretty cold outside and I wore just my leather jacket, so what can I expect - of course, I just had to know that I will be sick. But I didn't know that it will be so hard to feel good again, these 2 days I've been drinking liters of some herbal tea with ginger & honey but nothing helps! I need my voice back!! Anyway, I'm going to school tomorrow, so I have to study or at least get in my bed.. Or paint my nails, haha. 😊 

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I haven't made outfit posts for so long. Even thought I do love to match outfits and I have so many ideas what to wear, I just always forget to ask my sister for pictures or I have leave and I have no time for outfit photos. That's just me, typical Elizabete - I promise, but I don't fulfill promises. OK, over time I have understood that I have to be more active and I have to do something, not just sit next to computer or just watch TV - I have to do homework; I have to tidy up my room and everything around me; I have to spend time with my friends more and I have to start blogging more often that I do. Because I love this stuff! I really do! I don't have that much followers, but you guys inspire me and I keep blogging. I always have something to say and I always share with you guys. :) 

So today I decided to post these old pictures from my journey to Palma de Mallorca. Oh, when I look back - those days were so beautiful! Traveling around all island, having some good food, chilling with some beers and cocktails, enjoying warm weather so far from home! *As you all may know - I'm not one of those people who says ''Home, sweet home'' * + Enjoy few more pictures from journey to Mallorca!




Hair care

Let's talk about hair care today! When I was a little girl I had short hair, something like carre cut and my hair was almost like platinum blonde (they were naturally like that). And I would love to have hair like that again, I know how nice hairstyle like that would suit me. Platinum blonde + carre cut = <3 But when I think about that I will have to say goodbye to my long hair.. I don't want it to happen, because I love long hair! I have always been that girl, with that hair for so long (read: people always said that I have so long & beautiful  hair and they just love that I'm naturally blonde).

My friends and relatives *It was 2 or maybe 3 years ago* always said - you have so good looking, undamaged hair. How do you take care of them? I always said - nothing! And they didn't understand. But it was true - I just washed them with shampoo and conditioner and let them naturally dry, that's it! I didn't use oils, masks, hairdryer or straightener, because I didn't know why the hell I should need them. I didn't know NOTHING about beauty world and hair care either. I didn't know why I should try oils or masks; I didn't have straightener and hairdryer I just didn't used because I was to lazy to stand next to mirror and dry my hair - my hair was so thick, that I had to dry my hair about 20 minutes as well.

So, I was just a little girl, who didn't care about her hair and when I look back - it worked! But years went so fast, I started to grow up and I started to wonder about beauty products - masks in hair roots, oils in hair ends, then again but another combo; I started to use hairdryer because and I started to use hair straightener, because I wanted my hair long and straight from roots too ends. I started to worry about my hair a little bit more that I did before. And now my hair is damaged as hell. They're so thin, sooo thin. And my roots are so damaged.. They have never been as ugly as they are now.

Why I decided to talk about my hair today? Because I wanted to intruduce you all with my situation and ask to you all: What to do with my hair? I want them thick and healthy. So what do you recommend? Which products and why? What should I stop to do with my hair? What kind of natural masks you can recommend? Let me know!

My hair about 2 years ago. (I think that I have never before had so long hair, back then they were just OK, but you can see that hairs ends was damaged)
~ 1 year ago. Few days after hairdresser visit. 

This summer. As you can see, ends are totally damaged.



This morning I woke up and though - another boring day at school, but then I looked in the calendar - just 10 days left!!! (After 9 days you will know about what I'm talking, finally!) Yes, it's already first October, and what can I say - time is running so fast! It's so cold outside already.. I remember, that in 28th October, when I was going to Mallorca, I had my black ballerina pumps on feet and yeah it was a little bit cold outside, but not as cold as it was this morning - I had my new ballerina pumps and it was so cold outside. Crazy. After 1 lesson in school and 2 hours of free time in school I went home. I felt just horrible and it's obvious that I will feel bad after walking around with ballet pumps when it's so cold outside already. All I can say - Autumn is here, wear big, comfy and warm knitted jumpers with leather jacket and knee boots or long, warm parkas with short biker type boots; be stylish, be happy & enjoy everything that life gives to you! And don't forget - no matter how bad it looks - smile! 

Wanted to share with picture of me, taken last fall. It's crazy how I and people around me change.. What do you think of these red lips? Do they suit me? :D Let me know!