New in, camo again

Good morning. It's monday and I'm staying home today. I'm still sick, not feeling that bad, but I decided to stay home and rest before this crazy week in school. I have to do so many things at school this week and next week too, because later I have some plans, I will not be able to go to school.. Do you know about what I'm talking about? You will know soon! :)

Today I wanted to show you all one of my newest buys - camo pants. I wanted them for so long, but I had never seen them before in any (!) store or maybe it wasn't that important to me, because I looked at things that I needed, not wanted. Anyway, when I saw these pants week before when I went to capital city, I just though - ''OK, I will try them, but not buy them'', because I wanted to buy something else. When I tried them - oh my, it was love from the first sight! Maybe friend said, that I look so good in them. So I had to buy them. And I did. *So right now I have 8 pants in my wardrobe..*

I love them! I really do! They are soooooooo comfy, they look so good at me! And I'm sure, they will look good at every girl! :) H&M

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