Last party, summer 2013

I wanted share with this post yesterday, but there was some problems with blogger. Makes me crazy, when I really want to update my blog, but system don't work. My sister made these pictures. I was going to see my girl Lāsma and then we're going to meet my crew (a close friends of mine) and then we celebrated last party this summer! *I will miss you so much SUMMER 2013!* Party was awesome! I loved to spend time with my friends and my cousin Agnese. Her boyfriend was DJ, so we danced on the stage. And I didn't use alcohol at all! I'm so proud of myself and I really had a blast. Actually, it feels strange to wake up after party without hangover. I wish that I don't sound like girl who's enamored with alcohol, because I'm really not that girl. And this was my outfit yesterday! I wore my leather jacket too, because it is not that warm outside anymore.

Blouse and pants (old) from Zara
Shoes and belt from H&M
H&M bracelet

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