Fall 2013 trends and stuff, my opinion & picks

All day, all week has been so sad and I'm pretty sure that it has only one explanation - it's raining all the time. Yeah, it's obvious that autumn is coming and it will get even more wetter & colder, but I can't accustom myself to. The best thing about autumn coming is autumn collection in stores, I have been mentioned this before, but you know - I just love to spend time checking online stores or walk around in department store, checking what's new in shops. But firstly I love to check what's new online, so I will know for what I should look for.

I have asked myself so many times - does these kind of posts are interesting to you all? I'm asking to you guys, what do you think of these posts, but I never receive answer. Anyway, I think that it's pretty nice, that you can check out my favorite picks and just know what's trendy right now, right? If you have your own opinion about this posts: let me know!




Few more words about this fall trends - This year fall collection is pretty boring. Why do I think so? Because it's so similar to last years fall collection: biker boots, camo, knits, parkas... This autumn there are only few new trends - knee boots, which I really want! I already know that they would look great on me, haha; blue color - I love dark blue blouses and parkas; plaids; white color - I haven't seen nothing more than white blouses or jumpers in stores, here in Latvia.. Anyway, what do you think of this year trends? Share with me!
Have a good day, everyone! 

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