D.I.Y chain necklase

Hi! How's life?
Today I want to share with infrequent post in my blog - D.I.Y post. I decided to make this post because I found gold chain in my drawer. It's pretty old (it was my dad chain, if I know right) and it was way to long, so I didn't use it - I was looking like rapper when it hung on my neck. Ridiculous! So I decided to transform it to slightly feminine necklace, but after all it looks like grunge gold chain. I love how it looks and I will wear it. And the best thing - it was so easy to make it:

Here is my gold chain - the first thing you have to do - measure the lenght of your chain and split it into phases. (I didn't use measuring tape, I just imagined how it needs to look and started to work, so I don't know parameters. I'm sorry, but that's the way I work!)

Next step - open one, little part of chain and place another part of chain, then close that part of chain which you opened. 

Do this step one more time considering the distance, so you necklase will look symmetrical. Here's my outcome. 

As my necklase was little bit too short and I even couldn't wear it, I decided to add some speacial clossure and one little chain. This was the easier part of making my necklace. 

Here's result. I LOVE IT! It's both simple and gorgeous :)
What do you think of D.I.Y posts? Share with me.
Keep smiling.

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  1. Man ļoti patīk! Varētu arī bizīti no tām ķēdēm uztaisīt un sataisīt kopā kā kaklarotu! (: Bet tā nu ļoti skaisti! Malacis!

  2. Ļoti labi izskatās, pati noteikti nēsātu kaut ko līdzīgu! Un, jā, man patīk DIY raksti, jo vienmēr atrodu kaut ko, ko varu pielāgot savai gaumei un ļaut vaļu izdomai! :)


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  4. Good idea!