Can't wait

Hey! I haven't post anything here for a while. School has started and I really don't have time for blogging, even thought that I would love to update my blog every single day! I have big planner and finally I'm inspired enough to write in it - I note on some daily chores, homework for school, everything I have to do! It's really good reminder if I forgot about some homework, etc. Anyway, it's already 11th September. *Actually, this is date that no one never forget. I think you all understand about what I'm talking about. rip.* Don't get me wrong but today I was so happy! Something big (or maybe not that big from your view) is coming up and I can't wait that moment when I will have a chance to share with you guys! OH MY GOD, I'm so excited that I'm frightened that when that moment comes I will be dissapointed, because I'm just that kind of person. Anyway fringers crossed - just month has left!

Photo taken by my sister, my edit!
P.S. I posted this picture not because of tragedy which happened in the 11th September, I posted it because this picture tells about that BIG thing, hehe! 

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