Mondays definitely aren't my days! 7 lessons at school, timetable don't change, (It's pretty nice when timetable has changed for a day - I can sleep more or get home earlier if some lessons don't happen) I don't eat at school so I'm starving from 8 AM to 4 PM. Crazy? Nah, just my everyday routine. And I'm not suprised at all - doctors recently discovered that I have gastritis; everybody is getting sick - my classmates and other students comes to school for a 1 or 2 lessons and then go home and it annoys me!! *Why can't you sleep at home if you're sick? Do you have to spread germs around me and other people?! :D* I'm not sick yet, but I feel that autumn is here and some viruses as well. I have fever blister!! Argh, hurts so much. But otherwise I'm good. I'm feeling fine, excited, happy. Right now I'm really sleepy, because it was so long day for me after such a great weekend! How are you doing? What's new in your life? Share with me!

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