New in, camo again

Good morning. It's monday and I'm staying home today. I'm still sick, not feeling that bad, but I decided to stay home and rest before this crazy week in school. I have to do so many things at school this week and next week too, because later I have some plans, I will not be able to go to school.. Do you know about what I'm talking about? You will know soon! :)

Today I wanted to show you all one of my newest buys - camo pants. I wanted them for so long, but I had never seen them before in any (!) store or maybe it wasn't that important to me, because I looked at things that I needed, not wanted. Anyway, when I saw these pants week before when I went to capital city, I just though - ''OK, I will try them, but not buy them'', because I wanted to buy something else. When I tried them - oh my, it was love from the first sight! Maybe friend said, that I look so good in them. So I had to buy them. And I did. *So right now I have 8 pants in my wardrobe..*

I love them! I really do! They are soooooooo comfy, they look so good at me! And I'm sure, they will look good at every girl! :) H&M



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D.I.Y - from buttons to earrings

Hello everyone. How's going? I'm sick. My throat hurts so badly, I have a runny nose and my ears hurts a bit. Last night I went to see my girl Sintija, we had some tea and walked around. It was raining and it was pretty cold too. When I got home I felt strange, but I thought that it's just my imaginary. This morning I woke up and I was feeling just terrible. So all day I drank some herbal tea with honey, lemon and ginger. I wish that I will feel better tomorrow, because I have to study and get ready for school.

I'm ready to share with new D.I.Y post! This time I decided to make new earrings. I had some buttons for so long time, I don't remember where did I got them, but I knew that I can't throw out them, because I really liked them. So yeah, enjoy this post and I wish that you will get inspired and make your own earrings or another accessories!

This is what you need to make earrings - 2 buttons, tongs, glue & earring stand and fasteners. As you can see, I didn't have suitable stands and fasteners, so I took gold ones. Yep, maybe not the best choice, but nobody will see your earring back! So whatever - use products that are available for you! 

First step - cut buttons back off! 

That's how my buttons looked after cutting off they backs.

Then I just squeezed a small drop of glue and added earring stands. (My first idea was to put earring stands in the middle of button back, but as it was too rugged I decided to put them a little bit higher.) Remember to wait a bit till glue is dry.

And that's it! That's how my earrings look - I love them. Happy with result? Totally! I will wear them often, because they're not to big and they're not heavily too. I wanted earrings like this for so long and now I have them! What do you think? 

(Last picture is not good at all, I'm sorry. It was to dark in room already, but I had to make that picture quick. As I'm sick, I didn't use any cosmetics. All pictures are taken with my iPhone 5.) 

Fall 2013 trends and stuff, my opinion & picks

All day, all week has been so sad and I'm pretty sure that it has only one explanation - it's raining all the time. Yeah, it's obvious that autumn is coming and it will get even more wetter & colder, but I can't accustom myself to. The best thing about autumn coming is autumn collection in stores, I have been mentioned this before, but you know - I just love to spend time checking online stores or walk around in department store, checking what's new in shops. But firstly I love to check what's new online, so I will know for what I should look for.

I have asked myself so many times - does these kind of posts are interesting to you all? I'm asking to you guys, what do you think of these posts, but I never receive answer. Anyway, I think that it's pretty nice, that you can check out my favorite picks and just know what's trendy right now, right? If you have your own opinion about this posts: let me know!




Few more words about this fall trends - This year fall collection is pretty boring. Why do I think so? Because it's so similar to last years fall collection: biker boots, camo, knits, parkas... This autumn there are only few new trends - knee boots, which I really want! I already know that they would look great on me, haha; blue color - I love dark blue blouses and parkas; plaids; white color - I haven't seen nothing more than white blouses or jumpers in stores, here in Latvia.. Anyway, what do you think of this year trends? Share with me!
Have a good day, everyone! 


D.I.Y chain necklase

Hi! How's life?
Today I want to share with infrequent post in my blog - D.I.Y post. I decided to make this post because I found gold chain in my drawer. It's pretty old (it was my dad chain, if I know right) and it was way to long, so I didn't use it - I was looking like rapper when it hung on my neck. Ridiculous! So I decided to transform it to slightly feminine necklace, but after all it looks like grunge gold chain. I love how it looks and I will wear it. And the best thing - it was so easy to make it:

Here is my gold chain - the first thing you have to do - measure the lenght of your chain and split it into phases. (I didn't use measuring tape, I just imagined how it needs to look and started to work, so I don't know parameters. I'm sorry, but that's the way I work!)

Next step - open one, little part of chain and place another part of chain, then close that part of chain which you opened. 

Do this step one more time considering the distance, so you necklase will look symmetrical. Here's my outcome. 

As my necklase was little bit too short and I even couldn't wear it, I decided to add some speacial clossure and one little chain. This was the easier part of making my necklace. 

Here's result. I LOVE IT! It's both simple and gorgeous :)
What do you think of D.I.Y posts? Share with me.
Keep smiling.


Angela & Roi

Today I wanted to introduce you all with Angela & Roi handbags - brand which combines fashion and philanthrophy by color. Bags are made of vegan leather! They have huge choice of handbags, tote bags, cross-body bags, shoulder bags and more. And they have so big color assortment! What I love the most - they donate portion of each handbag sale to chosen non-profit health organizations, it's Donate by Color mission! I recommend to visit they online store HERE. If you need new bag - one of these bags will be the right choice! :) 

These 2 bags I love the most! Black for fall/winter season and yellow one for sring & summer!
I would love to see them in my wardrobe <3

If you're interested to buy some of these beautiful bags - HURRY UP!

My little best friend

Even though that this week was good - just few tests in school, no other activities, no personal problems, I'm so happy that this week is finally over! (For me it's over, because I don't want to go anywhere tonight - just lay in sofa next to tv and eat some good food. And I will do it, so this week is done for me! I will not leave my house, haha!) School has really started - I have to study and do homeworks every day. It's getting serious, so no more 'I don't want to' or 'Why I have to' when we talk about school - I just have to pull myself together! Right? But I will not talk about school, I know that it's boring.

Yesterday, I got new phone! I really needed new one, necause my old phone was ridiculous! It was really old - no wi-fi and stuff. It was simple and boring. So my new phone is something I wanted for so long! iPhone 5!!! I had sticker on the wall with iPhone 4s, it was there about 1 year or maybe even more. It was my dream to have an iPhone! And finally I got it - it's a early birthday gift! (My B-Day is after ~3 months)

And I love this phone! It's perfection. It's easy to use it, design is clean and phone back is matte. I already downloaded iOS7, and I pretty much like it! I can't compare iOS6 and iOS7, because I tried iOS6 version for about 4 hours.  (Notebooks from Tiger)

What apps do you use? Let me know!



Mondays definitely aren't my days! 7 lessons at school, timetable don't change, (It's pretty nice when timetable has changed for a day - I can sleep more or get home earlier if some lessons don't happen) I don't eat at school so I'm starving from 8 AM to 4 PM. Crazy? Nah, just my everyday routine. And I'm not suprised at all - doctors recently discovered that I have gastritis; everybody is getting sick - my classmates and other students comes to school for a 1 or 2 lessons and then go home and it annoys me!! *Why can't you sleep at home if you're sick? Do you have to spread germs around me and other people?! :D* I'm not sick yet, but I feel that autumn is here and some viruses as well. I have fever blister!! Argh, hurts so much. But otherwise I'm good. I'm feeling fine, excited, happy. Right now I'm really sleepy, because it was so long day for me after such a great weekend! How are you doing? What's new in your life? Share with me!

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*Still tryting to find grave but demure font for blog header and other pictures.*


The Devil eye

I'm one of that kind of person which tries to keep secrets as long as I can. I'm just afraid that if I will tell everyone things that I could, they will get envy or start to hate because of my happiness. It happens so often and it drives my crazy. But what can I do - just keep my mouth shut. It's OK, but when I read another blogs, people always share with they whole life to they followers, it's like telling whole life story to best friend. (Followers = Best friends) And I like that. Which kind of blogger are you? The quiet one or the friendly one? And why did you choose to be that kind of blogger? Let me know!

As I mentioned before, something is going on in my life, but I can't tell it right now. All I can say - I'm saving some money for fall/winter shopping. I with my best friend used go shopping every month, but it was so long time ago.. We decided to go shopping together any time soon and as I know, that money won't gonna fall from sky, I'm saving it. And of course, I'm checking out some budget stores - one of them and one of my favorite store is H&M! *If I remeber right - H&M here in Latvia opened in 15th September? Oh my, cheers!* It's not just that they clothes are cheap, they're stylish too. There is another exclusive collections and it's obvious that exclusive collections is expensive, but anyway you can find everything in H&M! That's why I love it. There is some clothes I choosed to share with!

And again - almost everything is black! As I mentioned before, I'm trying to not buy black clothes, but seems that this will be harder than I though, haha!
Have a good day! 


Goodmorning folks! What can be better than having breakfast in bed? :) Yesterday I finally met my home-girl, we chilled for a while together with some beers. I went home about 10 pm and received call from unseen friends which lives near to my town, but they visit us rarely, so we (I & my sis) decided to meet them and party a bit! We went to some bars and it's obvious that we had a blast. Great night! *Haha, and no hangover to me today, incredible!!!* So yh, right now I'm having some healthy breakfast in bed - green tea, oatmeal with blueberries, banana and some sweet snack. And here is a picture with my lovely kitten Keita!

Keep smiling!


Can't wait

Hey! I haven't post anything here for a while. School has started and I really don't have time for blogging, even thought that I would love to update my blog every single day! I have big planner and finally I'm inspired enough to write in it - I note on some daily chores, homework for school, everything I have to do! It's really good reminder if I forgot about some homework, etc. Anyway, it's already 11th September. *Actually, this is date that no one never forget. I think you all understand about what I'm talking about. rip.* Don't get me wrong but today I was so happy! Something big (or maybe not that big from your view) is coming up and I can't wait that moment when I will have a chance to share with you guys! OH MY GOD, I'm so excited that I'm frightened that when that moment comes I will be dissapointed, because I'm just that kind of person. Anyway fringers crossed - just month has left!

Photo taken by my sister, my edit!
P.S. I posted this picture not because of tragedy which happened in the 11th September, I posted it because this picture tells about that BIG thing, hehe! 



Right now I should be at my cousins birthday or getting ready to meet my girls and go to the capital city to attend 'white nights', but after first serious school week and another failures in my private life I feel so exhausted and still depressed, that I don't know how to nerve oneself. But I'm going to be fine! If not - I will not share with these negative emotions here, because this is my blog which is based on lifestyle and fashion as well, not on depressive thoughts. I'm going to be fine and that's all you need to know, right? :)

Autumn is here and it's obvius that new fall/winter collection is in stores. I love fall season just because I can wear everything black or maybe dark blue, I feel really confident when I wear black clothes because nothing can go wrong - it's easy to combine black leather jacket with dark blue or maybe dark violet scarf or another accessories. But as I've mentioned before, it's time to change something and I need to stop buy and wear black clothes. So today I will share with few picks I found in a Bershka online store!



Today I'm feeling soooooo depressed. School makes me feel depressed! In almost every lesson in which I would love to have some help from my best friend I sit alone. And I really feel alone. So I just keep smiling and acting like everything is OK, but inside I'm just dying. But I'm a strong person! I'm not the same person which I was month or year ago and I'm not playing games anymore. I really miss my girl Lāsma, who's not in city right now, she is a person about who I care the most and she does the same about me. It's really sad that in my life friends like this is rarity. But I appreciate everything I have in my life, I'm not mad at anyone and if I'm feeling bad I'm keep fighting with myself. You will never know what will happen to you tomorrow - maybe you will lost somebody, maybe you will lost yourself, maybe you will fall ill and never recover, maybe there is no tomorrow for you.. Do you get me? You have to fight with your negative emotions, you have to smile! My day was just horrible, but I'm fine. And I hope that your day was good! Keep smiling everyone!!!


oh hi there

I still can't believe that september is here, I just feel it! This was my first school day and weather outside was just horrible - it's raining all the time. Make me feel so sad when I realize that fall is just here, it has started and weather will become even worse and worse, and worse. I look outside of my window and it's raining, it's windy and the plum tree leaves turn yellow. But you know, I can't change it. It is really amazing how years pases, a bit scary too. I'm young, but already afraid of wrinkles and adult problems, about being adult! After few months I will turn 18. And every month that pases away just make me feel sad, because I'm so close to my 18th birthday, so close. This is my penultimate year in school, so I've to start studying.

I think too much, right now. I just wanted to wish you all beautiful fall season! Enjoy, every moment that autumn give to you - colorful leaves on the trees, relaxing while watching how it rains outside & everything that autumn gives you!



raspberry fields forever!!

I'm not one of these people who buy everything just because it's trendy at the moment. I've realized that trendy things aren't always things what I need, so I buy just what I need or another combination = what I need + what I like. And you know? This kind of knowledge make my shoping routine way easier. *OK, maybe there are some exceptions and by exceptions I mean - nail polishes, perfumes & lingerie.* Lately I have bought few new things and today I wanted to share with my buys.

I really needed to refresh my accessories box, so I bought new earrings, bracelets and rings from H&M.

As I mentioned before - one of my exception is nail polishes. Every simple outfit will be highlight with noticeable color. (Oriflame Getaway, tone Turquoise & Maybelline COLORAMA 214) 

Catrice nail polish, tone 26 (Raspberryfields Forever). // I had to buy new BB cream! As I don't use liquid foundation BB cream is perfect choice for me. I had same brand before and I really loved it, but my skin became unruly, so I decided to buy BB cream for sensitive skin. I haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait!
Do you have some reviews of these products? Let me know!

Last party, summer 2013

I wanted share with this post yesterday, but there was some problems with blogger. Makes me crazy, when I really want to update my blog, but system don't work. My sister made these pictures. I was going to see my girl Lāsma and then we're going to meet my crew (a close friends of mine) and then we celebrated last party this summer! *I will miss you so much SUMMER 2013!* Party was awesome! I loved to spend time with my friends and my cousin Agnese. Her boyfriend was DJ, so we danced on the stage. And I didn't use alcohol at all! I'm so proud of myself and I really had a blast. Actually, it feels strange to wake up after party without hangover. I wish that I don't sound like girl who's enamored with alcohol, because I'm really not that girl. And this was my outfit yesterday! I wore my leather jacket too, because it is not that warm outside anymore.

Blouse and pants (old) from Zara
Shoes and belt from H&M
H&M bracelet