Trip to Parnu, Estonia

I'm home! Yesterday I visited beautiful Parnu in Estonia, we went to beach which turned out to be nudist beach, so we're quite confused as we didn't know it. We had a walk around old city, but I have to say that I love Riga better, even thought that it is difficult to compare about Parnu and Riga. We wanted to eat after our long walk, but we didn't know where to eat, we looked all around and all we saw was some modest cafes, but we wanted to have good lunch at good restourant and we did found one! (Villa Vesset) After lunch we went to see few shops, bought few souvenirs and went home. My sister made some photos (In my blog you will see my edit) , check them out below. *I had really good time with my godparents and sister!*

We started our trip with some Cranberry cider at 11 AM. Why not, hahaha? 

Parnu seaside.

Mango mojito

Classic ceasar salad

Creamy pasta with chicken & mushrooms (Soooooo goooooood!)

On my way to home with this super-tasty & healthy vitamin water!

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