Real summer

Last days have been so hot! And I'm definitely loving +35 degrees by celsius. As my family owns a pond near to us, I with my family spend most of time there. Actually I don't know how to swim *Not joking* so our pond is nice place to learn how to swim, because it is not so profound. Yesterday we're to the sea, I had great time there. I love to chill next to the beach, best feeling ever in hot summer day. Today we again visited our pond, because it was hottest day of summer 2013! In the evening I received call from my best friend, so I took my bike and we had trip together. We definitely had fun! Tomorrow I have some plans, so I really wish that tonight will not rain, even thought that it's lighting outside! After this hot day I'm sure- thunderstorm is coming and on the other hand I really want big thunderstorm, I love these scary nights.

I checked topshop recently and found some clothes that I'm dying for! These picks is not for summer in my point of view, more for fall, but anyway I wanted to share! Let me know what do you think.  :]


(At first sight I didn't love this jacket, but when I imagined how it would look on me I just fall in love. This is something that I should save money for.)

Oh my, oh my it started to rain! I have to be in my bed right now hahaha. Have a good night everyone! <3

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