Perfect festival look

Right now I'm at my aunts place. I feel good, doctor said that I have nothing to worry about, but I have to visit 2 another doctors and only then I will know all the results. Tomorrow I will wake up at 8 AM, it's 5 hours earlier than usually, *Crazy* and then I with my sister and godparents will go to Estonia, to Parnu. I wish that there will be something to see, I have never been there before (I think so).

Have you ever been wrote a letter or drew, but erased your writings, because you feel that something isn't right? It happens to me everytime when I make new look on polyvore! That's why my activity there is rare. But today I made look, that I would love to wear to attend some festival. What do you think? Let me know!

Perfect festival look by hellodope featuring a nail polish

I will update as soon as I can, have wonderful weekend everyone! Kisses.

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  1. man patiik viss komplekts!! :) jaa, gadaas, ka kaut kas pietruukst vai nav gluzi perfektaa kombinaacija :) bet tad arii ir reizes (un taadas ir lielaakoties), kad kollazas sanaak tieshi taadas kaa esmu veeleejusies :) lai arii tev taadu reizu ir vairaak! :)