I'm pretty sure that if you right now read this, you see some changes around you- yes, a few changes in blog. I'm not sure about what do I want to see in my blog, so temporary header look like it look, I don't know yet do I like it or not. Anyway, I will try to complete my blog tonight. Maybe there is something, that you would like to see on my blog? Some features? Let me know! 

I would love to share with some photos from my weekend, which was perfect, but  (-Friday started with my dad's birthday, he decided to go to sushi restourant to celebrate his birthday with us. When we got home, I got quick shower, took my bag and went to my best friends place, to get ready. Then we drank some cherry+vodka cocktails and went to dive bar. It was really good party till 6 in the morning. Saturday I attended same bar with my aunt and daddy. We drank some malibu cocktails and went home, but anyway, I had a blast!) while my blog will not be completely done, I can't post anything, because I have some issues with photos too, they look like scatter, disorderly.

And don't forget to follow me on bloglovin'! I have understood that bloglovin' is more convient way to follow each other!

Have a good day, x.

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