hey. I'm still feeling a little bit weird because of my head which still hurts. I can't eat as much as I did today, (Today I went to celebrate my little cousins fourth birthday! He is so cute, oh my! When I with my family walked into his house, he was screaming ''Elizabete arrived yeeee'' or something like that and ran up to me, to hug me. Love him so much!) and from today I have to eat only healthy. I already have lose some weight, but today I took pause and ate everything I wanted to. From tomorrow I will have no option- eat healthy or not, there will but just one thing- to live my life quality. I know that this will be hard so wish me luck guys! :)

I know that you're pretty bored with photos I post, but I promise that soon you will se more fashionable posts. Kisses

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  1. Es zinu tie mazie ķipari tiešām ir superīgi, man pašai ir maza piecgadīga brāļa meitiņa, kuru nu nevaru nelutināt! :)