everything was better yesterday

Yesterday I with my best girl Lāsma had conversation about time and how fast it run away. She said that we don't enjoy the moment and what we have right now. Days by days and I will see wrinkles on my face. And it's really sad. Time goes by so fast that I'm getting quite worried about my past- everything was better yesterday, month ago, year ago. I had problems, but they were bullshit if I look at myself and my problems today. Year ago I was way more beautiful that I am today- I was thin, I was natural and my hair was longer and thicker. I was happy. I'm feeling bad, even I know that better times are coming, that nothing has ended! Right now I have started to eat healthy, I eat less; soon I will start to work in the gym. It's time to work with myself and be happy about who am I! I need to learn how to be happy every single day! Wish me luck guys.

Pictures from summer 2012. Good old memories.

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