Yup, today I had my first anesthesia in my whole life. I was so scared before it, oh my! At the last moment it seemed to me that I will not do it. But did it. Right now I have survived one of the most horrific medical visits ever. Right now I feel a little bit weird- my teeth and head hurts. I just want to have some healthy and good food right and then I'm ready to go sleep, I really want to get in my bed, but I have to watch Geordie Shore instead I'm chating with friends on skype. I have bought some new things while I was in Riga these days, I wish that I will have a chance to make some haul & outfit posts soon. Anyway, have a nice day and don't forget to smile:) 


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  1. Oh that must have been awful..
    I really hope you'll feel better soon!!

    1. I thought that it will be awful, but actually I didn't feel nothing at all, I just fell asleep. Thank you! I'm feeling a little bit weird but I'm good! :)*