Camo, camo, camo I still love you

Hey dear readers! Today I woke up at 9:30 AM, it's crazy! And I couldn't fall asleep anymore. How I hate when this happens to me, because I love to sleep. *I would love to spend all my day in bed* Anyway, it seemed to me, that this day will be as boring as this whole week (my bestie Lāsma isn't here, in town, so I don't have anyone to spend some good time together, OK, I do have some friends, but you know? They're always busy; All I'm doing is watching TV or sitting next to my computer) but then I decided that I will tidy up my room. I sorted all my clothes - few of them I took out of my wardrobe, to move them to my second wardrobe. Now I have some place were to keep my bags (I have 5 of them, but I use only 2.) and shoes. What I realized after this BIG cleaning? I have so many things, which I don't wear and I have to restore my wardrobe with few new shoes, some underwear *It's so boring, everything is black-and-white* and some basic stuff. That means - next time when I will go to shopping, I have to buy just what I need and no more black clothes! They're too much in my wardrobe, really too much. Few of things which I really don't use I decided to sell, check out these links if you're interested! *skirt, t-shirt, dress, white sneakers*

Today I wanted to show pictures of my outfit which I wore few days ago. We took a bikes and had some trip with my sister, so my outfit was very simple. Let me know what do you think!

Camo jacket from Pull & Bear
Basic pants from Zara
Top and rings from H&M


Perfect watch

Looking for a new wristwatch? Here's my picks! Wristwatches have been popular and stylish for so long! You can wear simple outfit and highlight it with watch. Silver, gold or rose gold wristwatch is always good choice! I think, that if you're buying new watch you should buy good wristwatch because quality watch you can use for years as well. Check out my picks - Nixon, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, all these brands have justified the price! And how about you? Do you use wristwatch? If yes, let me know your favorite brand!


hey. I'm still feeling a little bit weird because of my head which still hurts. I can't eat as much as I did today, (Today I went to celebrate my little cousins fourth birthday! He is so cute, oh my! When I with my family walked into his house, he was screaming ''Elizabete arrived yeeee'' or something like that and ran up to me, to hug me. Love him so much!) and from today I have to eat only healthy. I already have lose some weight, but today I took pause and ate everything I wanted to. From tomorrow I will have no option- eat healthy or not, there will but just one thing- to live my life quality. I know that this will be hard so wish me luck guys! :)

I know that you're pretty bored with photos I post, but I promise that soon you will se more fashionable posts. Kisses



Yup, today I had my first anesthesia in my whole life. I was so scared before it, oh my! At the last moment it seemed to me that I will not do it. But did it. Right now I have survived one of the most horrific medical visits ever. Right now I feel a little bit weird- my teeth and head hurts. I just want to have some healthy and good food right and then I'm ready to go sleep, I really want to get in my bed, but I have to watch Geordie Shore instead I'm chating with friends on skype. I have bought some new things while I was in Riga these days, I wish that I will have a chance to make some haul & outfit posts soon. Anyway, have a nice day and don't forget to smile:) 




Today I went to Riga, to visit doctor. That's how I look right now, with 5 wires which are applied to my heart with monitor. I have to live like this about 24 hours. Tomorrow I'm going to remove it, so I will go to capital city again. I will visit Riga 3 more times this week- doctors, doctors, doctors. But I'm good! And I wish I feel good in future, so I will have chance to update blog- outfit and new in posts will be in blog any time soon, of course, If I will have chance to do them. Keep smiling everyone:)

everything was better yesterday

Yesterday I with my best girl Lāsma had conversation about time and how fast it run away. She said that we don't enjoy the moment and what we have right now. Days by days and I will see wrinkles on my face. And it's really sad. Time goes by so fast that I'm getting quite worried about my past- everything was better yesterday, month ago, year ago. I had problems, but they were bullshit if I look at myself and my problems today. Year ago I was way more beautiful that I am today- I was thin, I was natural and my hair was longer and thicker. I was happy. I'm feeling bad, even I know that better times are coming, that nothing has ended! Right now I have started to eat healthy, I eat less; soon I will start to work in the gym. It's time to work with myself and be happy about who am I! I need to learn how to be happy every single day! Wish me luck guys.

Pictures from summer 2012. Good old memories.


Trip to Parnu, Estonia

I'm home! Yesterday I visited beautiful Parnu in Estonia, we went to beach which turned out to be nudist beach, so we're quite confused as we didn't know it. We had a walk around old city, but I have to say that I love Riga better, even thought that it is difficult to compare about Parnu and Riga. We wanted to eat after our long walk, but we didn't know where to eat, we looked all around and all we saw was some modest cafes, but we wanted to have good lunch at good restourant and we did found one! (Villa Vesset) After lunch we went to see few shops, bought few souvenirs and went home. My sister made some photos (In my blog you will see my edit) , check them out below. *I had really good time with my godparents and sister!*

We started our trip with some Cranberry cider at 11 AM. Why not, hahaha? 

Parnu seaside.

Mango mojito

Classic ceasar salad

Creamy pasta with chicken & mushrooms (Soooooo goooooood!)

On my way to home with this super-tasty & healthy vitamin water!


Perfect festival look

Right now I'm at my aunts place. I feel good, doctor said that I have nothing to worry about, but I have to visit 2 another doctors and only then I will know all the results. Tomorrow I will wake up at 8 AM, it's 5 hours earlier than usually, *Crazy* and then I with my sister and godparents will go to Estonia, to Parnu. I wish that there will be something to see, I have never been there before (I think so).

Have you ever been wrote a letter or drew, but erased your writings, because you feel that something isn't right? It happens to me everytime when I make new look on polyvore! That's why my activity there is rare. But today I made look, that I would love to wear to attend some festival. What do you think? Let me know!

Perfect festival look by hellodope featuring a nail polish

I will update as soon as I can, have wonderful weekend everyone! Kisses.
Hi my loves, I promised some changes in blog, but as you can see changes aren't big- just new header font and few more changes, but nothing big as I already said. Right now I'm watching Will & Grace, while 3 adorable kittens are lying next to me. They're growing so fast! It will be really hard to find new home for them and realize that I will never see them again. So, I try to stop thinking about that. Right now I'm waiting for my godparents to arrive, later I have to visit doctor. I will stay at aunts place tonight and tomorrow we will have a little trip to Estonia! *Maybe* I'm so excited about my weekend.

Today I wanted to share with some picture which my sister took week ago, when we went to Sushi Shop. Right now I'm so hungry, I would love to have some good sushi.


I'm pretty sure that if you right now read this, you see some changes around you- yes, a few changes in blog. I'm not sure about what do I want to see in my blog, so temporary header look like it look, I don't know yet do I like it or not. Anyway, I will try to complete my blog tonight. Maybe there is something, that you would like to see on my blog? Some features? Let me know! 

I would love to share with some photos from my weekend, which was perfect, but  (-Friday started with my dad's birthday, he decided to go to sushi restourant to celebrate his birthday with us. When we got home, I got quick shower, took my bag and went to my best friends place, to get ready. Then we drank some cherry+vodka cocktails and went to dive bar. It was really good party till 6 in the morning. Saturday I attended same bar with my aunt and daddy. We drank some malibu cocktails and went home, but anyway, I had a blast!) while my blog will not be completely done, I can't post anything, because I have some issues with photos too, they look like scatter, disorderly.

And don't forget to follow me on bloglovin'! I have understood that bloglovin' is more convient way to follow each other!

Have a good day, x.


Real summer

Last days have been so hot! And I'm definitely loving +35 degrees by celsius. As my family owns a pond near to us, I with my family spend most of time there. Actually I don't know how to swim *Not joking* so our pond is nice place to learn how to swim, because it is not so profound. Yesterday we're to the sea, I had great time there. I love to chill next to the beach, best feeling ever in hot summer day. Today we again visited our pond, because it was hottest day of summer 2013! In the evening I received call from my best friend, so I took my bike and we had trip together. We definitely had fun! Tomorrow I have some plans, so I really wish that tonight will not rain, even thought that it's lighting outside! After this hot day I'm sure- thunderstorm is coming and on the other hand I really want big thunderstorm, I love these scary nights.

I checked topshop recently and found some clothes that I'm dying for! These picks is not for summer in my point of view, more for fall, but anyway I wanted to share! Let me know what do you think.  :]


(At first sight I didn't love this jacket, but when I imagined how it would look on me I just fall in love. This is something that I should save money for.)

Oh my, oh my it started to rain! I have to be in my bed right now hahaha. Have a good night everyone! <3


Rose garden

Good morning! I just ate healthy breakfast, now I'm drinking black natural coffee. I don't have plans for today, so I will stay home and finally organize my closet, tidy up my working table and form my planner, because in near future I will visit many doctors. After 10 days my nightmare will start, so wish me luck! :|

Year ago I with my family visited Rundales palace. It was so beautiful there, we didn't view palace, but rose garden. I love to check old pictures, they're so beautiful and every of them have they own story. Today I wanted to share with few pictures of that day at rose garden.


Year ago I was so thin! Oh my, when I look at my legs now and then, I feel ashamed. I have to start eat healthy and do some exercise. Goooosh, shame on me.


Hello August

Oh my, time runs so fast, I hate that so much! It's already August!!! Just month has left to enjoy levity,  sun and time with friends. I really recommend to attend as many measures as you can. Let's party! Go to the beach, go to the cinema, meet good-old friends, party to get to know new friends, eat healthy- enjoy fresh summer fruits & berries, because nothing taste better than any home grown fruit! While weather is warm, start your day with your favorite breakfast meal on your balcony or terrace. Go to forest to enjoy still life. Only few things to do is amazing, if you do it in summer time. Don't you think so? Summer have different charm, believe me! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy..

(This picture describes how do I imagine August- late night trips with friends!!)
Live your life fearlesly!