Last night I with my friends celebrated my baby girl 17 birthday. As always I and my girl got horny and did some nasty things together, but no worries, we did nothing that big or what. Yeah, hangover today, as usually. But today I feel really pissed off, my major is full and I'm totally serious about changing my attitude towards others. Nobody will ever get help from, just to have some fun without me! I'm not gonna be a bitch and a friend either. But yeah, these are just my problems. Right now I'm fighting with my tummy which is kinda wayward after last night, but otherwise I'm feeling really good psysically. Tomorrow I will go to work again, but I really have no choice, I need this money because of festival I'm going to attend next weekend. It's going to be crazy! 

Today I will not talk about any trend or anything what associated with fashion. Just few inspiring and beautiful pictures, even thought you all know that I really do not enjoy these kind of post, screw it! Enjoy my dear readers. <3


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