Michael Kors

 Today I visited capital city, I had a gift card, which expired today, even thought it was worth 20 euros and it is not that much, I wanted to spend it. So I and my friend Sintija did a little shopping together, then we had lunch and after that we already were so exhausted, that we went back to the city center. I wanted to see what's new in H&M, didn't find anything eye catching, so I just bought few basic things. 

Before going home I decided to check out department store Stockmann. We're wandering around cosmetic stand, and then I checked accessories, ''Oh, my oh'' I said when I saw Michael Kors bags and wallets. They're just gorgeous! My aunt is a big fan of Michael Kors bags, she have few of them and we have a deal, that she will give me her old one, when she will buy to herself new one. *I wish that she still remember about our deal* So as you imagine MK bag or at least wallet is my little dream, or may I should say big dream? Michael Kors is well known brand in world and it's obvious that bags aren't cheap, if wallet cost around 150 euros, we can imagine how much will cost a bag. Anyway, talking about Michael Kors bags, today I found wonderful picture of it, check it above. (And again, I'm truly sorry, I really hate to share with foreign pictures, I wish that it will be able to make some new in posts to share with you all, guys.)

Enjoy few more pictures, MK bags and wristwatches.


2 komentāri:

  1. The black tote is beautiful, oh so beautiful!!
    I'm gonna safe up for the MK5605 Watch, it's the watch in the last picture.

    1. Agree with u, I just love this brand! <3
      I wish I wasn't such a wasteful spender, so I could safe up for some MK bag or wallet, maybe even watch too.