June has passed away seamlessy. It's sad, even I have done so much this month. Normally I hang out with my friends and party that much like in 2, 3 months, all previous summers it was normal thing, but right now my life is filled with work routine, time with my family, cause we love to trip around Latvia, party life and just meeting with my friends.  I love this summer! And I have so much plans and dreams I will make come true this summer, oh my oh! I just wanted to wish you all to spend these the last two month as wonderfully as you want! Do whatever makes you happy!

july | via Tumblr

2 komentāri:

  1. Tik žēl, ka viens vasaras mēnesis jau pagājis! :/ Cerams ka jūlijs būs vēl foršāks! :)

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    1. Jap! Vēl 2 silti un skaisti vasaras mēneši priekšā! :)