I'm victim of happiness!

 Tuesday I with my friend Lāsma went to Riga city, she wanted to buy some new clothes. I was her personal stylist and mom too, because she didn't know her sizes, but it was really cute, loved to help her. I just love to visit capital city and shop with her. :) We always have so good time together! We had pretty good dinner together at pizzeria, after dinner we walked around the city and then we took a bus to home. Yesterday was pretty amazing, too! I finally met my best friend Zane, we took our bikes, bought some cider and chilled in grass, it was like picnic. Later I decided to go to train tracks (When we're cycling together, we always go to train tracks to chill and wait for train, it's like tradition. Oh, I really miss my childhood.) and as we didn't see train coming, we decided to chill next to pond, which is near to the track. Suddenly my best friend wanted to swim there! Oh my, it was so funny but at the same moment, it was like in movies, magically. At the closing of our evening we went to train tracks and suddenly train was coming!

But today I wanted to share with few of my favorite picks I found on P&B online store. *What the hellllll, I'm totally dissappointed with their new collection, ugh* But otherwise I don't need anything big to buy, just some basic things, so it doesn't make any sense if collection is good or bad. I'm such a boring fashion blogger, haha.

What do you think of Pull&Bear new collection? Let me know. 

2 komentāri:

  1. I like the tops, especially the one with the numbers.
    I've been searching for a top with numbers upfront instead of the back.

    1. Top with numbers and top with triangle are my faves! :) Good to know!