I'm totally not one of those people who say:''Home, sweet home!''..After 3 days of visiting my grandmother in Jelgava, I really didn't want to go home. At grandmothers house I had everything, so living there was nice. Do I really didn't miss my own house, my room? Not at all, I just wanted to pick up my stuff from my house and move to my grandmothers house, haha. All day I rested, chilled on terrace, played with dogs and brother, ate fresh berries and drank good coffee. Room, in which I and my sister lived these days, was much bigger than room I own in my house. I thought that weather outside will be sunny and warm, but it wasn't, so my idea of sunbathing failed, haha. Anyway, I was happy to see my grandmother and live with her as well. I had really nice weekend! I did some pictures too, (I wish that I haven't mix them with my sisters photos.) so how about some pictures? Enjoy.

 As I already said that weather wasn't good at all. // One of dogs- Sara. Love her so much! 

Let's say that I just looked around even the truth is that I told my sister to take a picture of my hair, haha. // Watching TV while that heating device is warming up my knees. 

Daisies, beautiful daisies. // Chillin' on terrace with hot tea. Why I don't chill on my terrace? 

P.S. Do you like these kind of posts? 

How did you spend your weekend? Let me know!

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  1. Lielisks ieraksts, burvīgas fotogrāfijas - un mati tev ir tiiik skaisti!!:)