Boyfriend jeans

Today I and my sister took our bikes and had a trip to old farm, it's more dangerous than interesting, so we didn't get in. But we took some outfit photos! Yesterday I wore this outfit, which my best friend really loved, so I decided to wear it today for some pictures. Need to say, that this outfit represent myself- I love black color and simplicity Enjoy!

P.S. There was some problems with photo uploading, so there will be just 3 pictures, I'm sorry!

Jeans from Zara
Leather jacket from Cropp Town
Braata lite sneakers from Nike

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I'm victim of happiness!

 Tuesday I with my friend Lāsma went to Riga city, she wanted to buy some new clothes. I was her personal stylist and mom too, because she didn't know her sizes, but it was really cute, loved to help her. I just love to visit capital city and shop with her. :) We always have so good time together! We had pretty good dinner together at pizzeria, after dinner we walked around the city and then we took a bus to home. Yesterday was pretty amazing, too! I finally met my best friend Zane, we took our bikes, bought some cider and chilled in grass, it was like picnic. Later I decided to go to train tracks (When we're cycling together, we always go to train tracks to chill and wait for train, it's like tradition. Oh, I really miss my childhood.) and as we didn't see train coming, we decided to chill next to pond, which is near to the track. Suddenly my best friend wanted to swim there! Oh my, it was so funny but at the same moment, it was like in movies, magically. At the closing of our evening we went to train tracks and suddenly train was coming!

But today I wanted to share with few of my favorite picks I found on P&B online store. *What the hellllll, I'm totally dissappointed with their new collection, ugh* But otherwise I don't need anything big to buy, just some basic things, so it doesn't make any sense if collection is good or bad. I'm such a boring fashion blogger, haha.

What do you think of Pull&Bear new collection? Let me know. 


Zara blouse

Wanted to buy new blouse for so long! And I was totally sure that I will find it in Zara. I wanted to buy white, nude or black blouse, so it would be easy to combine with other clothes and accessories, but when I found this blue blouse, I didn't even look at other blouses or price, haha. I was so happy when I saw that blouse is on sale. I took some pictures, but blouse wasn't ironed, so it looks just horrible and I can't show how beautiful it is, so this is just a sneak-peek, maybe I will be able to make some outfit post to show it to you all guys! :)   


Latest buy.

It's 22nd July and landscape that I see trought the window is horrible! It's so windy, the sky is dark and it just rained. So.. This is the end? End of my summer? Really? Ugh. Anyway, right now I'm having afternoon coffee with some chocolate and cookies. I have nothing else to do, so I will organize my closet, maybe I should take all summer clothes from it and put them into my second wardrobe? OK, I will just tidy up my closet and my working table. 

Wanted to share with this gorgeous top I bought in H&M few weeks ago. I have wore it just for 2 times, it's ridiculous!! I love it, it's slight, print on it is just handsome. What do you think?

(divided by h&m



I'm totally not one of those people who say:''Home, sweet home!''..After 3 days of visiting my grandmother in Jelgava, I really didn't want to go home. At grandmothers house I had everything, so living there was nice. Do I really didn't miss my own house, my room? Not at all, I just wanted to pick up my stuff from my house and move to my grandmothers house, haha. All day I rested, chilled on terrace, played with dogs and brother, ate fresh berries and drank good coffee. Room, in which I and my sister lived these days, was much bigger than room I own in my house. I thought that weather outside will be sunny and warm, but it wasn't, so my idea of sunbathing failed, haha. Anyway, I was happy to see my grandmother and live with her as well. I had really nice weekend! I did some pictures too, (I wish that I haven't mix them with my sisters photos.) so how about some pictures? Enjoy.

 As I already said that weather wasn't good at all. // One of dogs- Sara. Love her so much! 

Let's say that I just looked around even the truth is that I told my sister to take a picture of my hair, haha. // Watching TV while that heating device is warming up my knees. 

Daisies, beautiful daisies. // Chillin' on terrace with hot tea. Why I don't chill on my terrace? 

P.S. Do you like these kind of posts? 

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Black and white stripes.

Even though that I haven't work for few days and I have so much free time for myself and blogging, I don't have anything new to share with you all. Last friday I had a blast at my bestie house and later we're to some local bar which we always visit. As I already mentioned before, I needed to be at some fest near to sea, but yeah, I quickly changed plans. Today I was in Riga, to visit my doctor, need to say that I thought that I have cancer (funny or not, but it is paranoid me) and now I'm so freaked out because I don't (!) have cancer, but maybe I have celiac disease and if I want to know if I really have it, I have to do some test and it creeps me out. After doctor visit I went to my bestie's place, where we chilled with our friend.

But yeah I'm still here and today I wanted to share with this set I just made. What do you think? Let me know! 


Michael Kors

 Today I visited capital city, I had a gift card, which expired today, even thought it was worth 20 euros and it is not that much, I wanted to spend it. So I and my friend Sintija did a little shopping together, then we had lunch and after that we already were so exhausted, that we went back to the city center. I wanted to see what's new in H&M, didn't find anything eye catching, so I just bought few basic things. 

Before going home I decided to check out department store Stockmann. We're wandering around cosmetic stand, and then I checked accessories, ''Oh, my oh'' I said when I saw Michael Kors bags and wallets. They're just gorgeous! My aunt is a big fan of Michael Kors bags, she have few of them and we have a deal, that she will give me her old one, when she will buy to herself new one. *I wish that she still remember about our deal* So as you imagine MK bag or at least wallet is my little dream, or may I should say big dream? Michael Kors is well known brand in world and it's obvious that bags aren't cheap, if wallet cost around 150 euros, we can imagine how much will cost a bag. Anyway, talking about Michael Kors bags, today I found wonderful picture of it, check it above. (And again, I'm truly sorry, I really hate to share with foreign pictures, I wish that it will be able to make some new in posts to share with you all, guys.)

Enjoy few more pictures, MK bags and wristwatches.




Last night I with my friends celebrated my baby girl 17 birthday. As always I and my girl got horny and did some nasty things together, but no worries, we did nothing that big or what. Yeah, hangover today, as usually. But today I feel really pissed off, my major is full and I'm totally serious about changing my attitude towards others. Nobody will ever get help from, just to have some fun without me! I'm not gonna be a bitch and a friend either. But yeah, these are just my problems. Right now I'm fighting with my tummy which is kinda wayward after last night, but otherwise I'm feeling really good psysically. Tomorrow I will go to work again, but I really have no choice, I need this money because of festival I'm going to attend next weekend. It's going to be crazy! 

Today I will not talk about any trend or anything what associated with fashion. Just few inspiring and beautiful pictures, even thought you all know that I really do not enjoy these kind of post, screw it! Enjoy my dear readers. <3




June has passed away seamlessy. It's sad, even I have done so much this month. Normally I hang out with my friends and party that much like in 2, 3 months, all previous summers it was normal thing, but right now my life is filled with work routine, time with my family, cause we love to trip around Latvia, party life and just meeting with my friends.  I love this summer! And I have so much plans and dreams I will make come true this summer, oh my oh! I just wanted to wish you all to spend these the last two month as wonderfully as you want! Do whatever makes you happy!

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