studded thong sandals

Hello! It's already midweek, time goes so fast and I still haven't find job for summer. I really want to find job, because right now my everyday routine is: waking up 12 AM, then making breakfast, after hour I'm ready to enjoy sun on trampoline, then I sunbathe for ~2 hours or less, sometimes I meet my friends and we chill together, but overall my life right now is pointless! Sh#t!!! I really want to work, no matter what kind of job, but I need to fill my day! I need to do something, sitting home drive me nuts. So yeah, about week or more I will relax and then I will start searching job. This summer will be insane!* *only if I will find job = money

Look at these wonderful sandals I bought week ago! Need to say, that I really hate to buy shoes right in store, because always when I see something I like, there won't gonna be my size. I have better experience in ordering shoes from online stores! Anyway, here they are- my studded thong sandals from Zara <3
(And again sorry, my photos were really bad, so I borrowed photo from internet.)

What kind of sandals do you prefer? Thong, gladiator, t-strap etc? Let me know!

4 komentāri:

  1. these are great!

  2. just wondering but where did u buy them?

    1. Hey! They're from Zara as I mentioned it in post. :)