Quick update* Big Day

Hey my lovely followers! I wanted to make quick update, just to you all know what I'm doing right now, why I haven't blog for few days. I have found job! I'm working on fields and huts, and if you have done something like this before, you know how hard it is. I'm not complaining, I'm happy because I have job and money, but 8 working hours are really exhausting. After working I usually eat dinner and sleep instead of watching tv, for a hour or two I turn on my computer, just to know what's new in twitter or facebook, haha, nothing more. I don't even check my favorite blogs, I'm too exhausted, so it's clear as day that I don't blog. This was my first day off, which actually was big day, for me. I were to capital city with my best baby girl, we finally did something that we wanted to do for so long! I will share with this 'secret' later, guys. Instead of that, we shopped a bit and had delicious dinner together. Today definetly was perfect day, loved it! Tomorrow I will celebrate my aunt birthday, actually it will be kinda big day too, then I will celebrate Midsummer! And after all these crazy holidays I will return to my routine- work. How do you spend your summer? Let me know!
Check out this lovely bracelet I got from my aunt, it's souvenir from Venice. Bracelet is dominated by brown color, which is definetly not my favorite color, but I really love this bracelet! What do you think?


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