New skinnies

Hey guys, how is it going? I'm fine. OK, I'm having hangover again and it is not fine! Not at all. But need to say, that yesterday was such a fun night, I with my friends celebrated my bestie name day at her terrace and later we went to some local dive bar, like as always, haha! And as always I'm having hangover. Need to change something, need to change this bohemian life style. Right now. So while my mom is resting at SPA with my aunt, my dad is chilling with his friends at our terrace, my sister is having fun with her best friend and I don't know where is my brother, I'm chilling alone and watching Snooki & Jwoww show, they're so crazy and funny, even thought I really don't enjoy show's like this or maybe I'm just still drunk. Haha, joking, I'm fine. 

I wanted to show my new skinnies which I really love, especially the pink one's, they fit me so well! But the white skinnies is challenge to me, I wanted white pants for so long and now, when I haven't wore them yet. Anyway, both of these pants is from H&M, they were cheap and I love them!

Which one of these skinnies do you prefer? Let me know. 
Have a nice weekend:) 

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