Lovely day

Hey! Today was such a good day, except that I was still feeling a bit weak and shaky after partying. Anyway, weather today wasn't as good as it was yesterday, but anyway, I met up with my best friend, we had a trip with our bikes around the city and then we had lunch break at my best friends mom work. We had such a fun afternoon!

 My mom with my aunt arrived today, they had wonderful weekend at SPA & my aunt brought a few gifts for me- Merz Spezial vitamins for skin, hair and nails (can't wait to start using them, because my hair is damaged and unhealthy as well. What I really want is thick hair!) and Bioderma micellar water for skin, which I wanted to try for a long time, because of good reviews I have read. My observations- Latvian bloggers just love it! I with my sister will use this, I'm just sooo excited to try it. *Deep in the heart I still miss blogging about cosmetic products ugh*

I wish that you enjoyed this kind of post. And let me know- have you tried these products and what do you think? I will be pleased to hear!

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  1. I love your style in every way!
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  2. Atbildes
    1. Such a pleasure to hear it from you! Thanks.