Little black dress

Hello! Friday I with my friends and sister went to neighboring village, we had a party there, which actually was really nice, I don't remember last time when I had so much fun. That night was crazy! Obvious that yesterday I had hangover. At morning I felt just terrible, but after 6 hours sleeping, I woke up at 3 pm and finally I started my day- went to work at my aunts home, when I got home my mom & aunt arrived from SPA and prepared a  dinner. After dinner, I chilled next to TV and watched Legends of the Fall, which is really good film. So right now I'm up for a while already, even thought that normally I'm up at 1 pm. It's time for some delicious and healthy breakfast! 

Wanted to show my latest purchase- little black dress from Missguided. I really love Missguided but it's hard to shop there (it's a compliment), because choice there is so big, that I can't decide which dress I should take! And for me it's too hard to wait 2 weeks for my clothes, because I'm always too excited. This time I decided to order simple little black dress, which will be easy to combine with another accessories. This dress is tight fitting and I really love dresses like this one. What do you think of black dresses? Do you have at least one on your closet?

What do you think? Let me know!

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