What a night! Yep, last night I partied my ass out. I and my girls chilled at our apartmen *champagne showers* later we visited some local dive bar, where at first was nothing to do, but yeah, I got home about 4 AM. When I got up, oh my oh, my first thought was- I will never ever drink again. NEVER! But, yeah I say this shit every single time, when I have hangover. So yeah, I had quick shower, then I with my best friend had junk food for breakfast and then I watched my brother folk dance perfomance. I was really proud of him! When I got home, I fell asleep and here I am, still feeling horrible. I wish, that all of you celebrated may 31/june 1 as good as I did, haha!

Anyway, I remember, that I promised to show you guys, one of my latest boughts- my white dress. I made some pictures, but yeah, they're unpalatable, so yeah, photo from internet -


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