Little black dress

Hello! Friday I with my friends and sister went to neighboring village, we had a party there, which actually was really nice, I don't remember last time when I had so much fun. That night was crazy! Obvious that yesterday I had hangover. At morning I felt just terrible, but after 6 hours sleeping, I woke up at 3 pm and finally I started my day- went to work at my aunts home, when I got home my mom & aunt arrived from SPA and prepared a  dinner. After dinner, I chilled next to TV and watched Legends of the Fall, which is really good film. So right now I'm up for a while already, even thought that normally I'm up at 1 pm. It's time for some delicious and healthy breakfast! 

Wanted to show my latest purchase- little black dress from Missguided. I really love Missguided but it's hard to shop there (it's a compliment), because choice there is so big, that I can't decide which dress I should take! And for me it's too hard to wait 2 weeks for my clothes, because I'm always too excited. This time I decided to order simple little black dress, which will be easy to combine with another accessories. This dress is tight fitting and I really love dresses like this one. What do you think of black dresses? Do you have at least one on your closet?

What do you think? Let me know!


Relax, take it easy

Hey! Oh my oh, last days I have seen so much- I with my family had trip to Rundāles palace, this time we checked just palace not garden, then we were to see Rabbit City, it's like rabbits live in their cages, but cages looks like little palaces or small country homes. All these little rabbits were so cute <3 Then we went to the Zoo, it was nice too, even we go to the Zoo every year. I loved suricates, they were so funny and cute too. If you ever visit Latvia at least check out Rundales palace, which is just wonderful place or if you love animals go to the Zoo or cute Rabbit City. As you suspect I haven't work for week now. Today I have guests- my little cousins. They arrived this morning, I was just awoken and they did such a nice suprise- they gave me Raffaello and flowers. So cute from them! How do you spend your summer? Let me know.

But today I wanted to introduce you with internet store Tobi. I just love clothes they sell, they're just adorable, you can't find there any kind of style clothes there, check out! Today you can't use code STARS50 at checkout. Here's my faves:

Click on link below to join!



Hey! Last night was a bit random, but good! We celebrated my aunt's birthday, was hired guesthouse, a lot of people arrived, so yeah, we had a blast! I checked out some local bars with my best friend too. Even thought that yesterday I drink a lot, today I have no hangover, crazy. Right now I'm going to chill next to pond and later I will celebrate Saint John's day with my family and after that I will meet up with my best friend and we will party with our friends. So yeah, that's all for right now, I just wanted to say- happy Saint John's day!


Wanted to share with my outfit from last night. What do you think?


Quick update* Big Day

Hey my lovely followers! I wanted to make quick update, just to you all know what I'm doing right now, why I haven't blog for few days. I have found job! I'm working on fields and huts, and if you have done something like this before, you know how hard it is. I'm not complaining, I'm happy because I have job and money, but 8 working hours are really exhausting. After working I usually eat dinner and sleep instead of watching tv, for a hour or two I turn on my computer, just to know what's new in twitter or facebook, haha, nothing more. I don't even check my favorite blogs, I'm too exhausted, so it's clear as day that I don't blog. This was my first day off, which actually was big day, for me. I were to capital city with my best baby girl, we finally did something that we wanted to do for so long! I will share with this 'secret' later, guys. Instead of that, we shopped a bit and had delicious dinner together. Today definetly was perfect day, loved it! Tomorrow I will celebrate my aunt birthday, actually it will be kinda big day too, then I will celebrate Midsummer! And after all these crazy holidays I will return to my routine- work. How do you spend your summer? Let me know!
Check out this lovely bracelet I got from my aunt, it's souvenir from Venice. Bracelet is dominated by brown color, which is definetly not my favorite color, but I really love this bracelet! What do you think?




Guys, just 3 weeks left till Google Reader will shut down! So, if you all - my dear blog readers are still interested in my blog follow me source bloglovin! Click here!!!!!!!!!!


Bershka picks

Hey everyone! Wanted to say that I'm still here, still searching for job, getting ready for my sister graduation (a lot of work on my shoulders, thank you mom. NOT!) and yeah, actually today I'm bored, tired as hell, besides I'm feeling wasted. Right now I'm watching Jersey Shore, always when I turn on mtv I just can't switch channels, because something funny is going on Jersey Shore, haha! 

I don't remember last time when I maked post like this, even thought I love to check online stores and look for fashionable clothes, it keeps me inspired! Today I wanted to show my favourite clothes from Bershka!

Guys what do you think about this kind of post? Let me know! 


Lovely day

Hey! Today was such a good day, except that I was still feeling a bit weak and shaky after partying. Anyway, weather today wasn't as good as it was yesterday, but anyway, I met up with my best friend, we had a trip with our bikes around the city and then we had lunch break at my best friends mom work. We had such a fun afternoon!

 My mom with my aunt arrived today, they had wonderful weekend at SPA & my aunt brought a few gifts for me- Merz Spezial vitamins for skin, hair and nails (can't wait to start using them, because my hair is damaged and unhealthy as well. What I really want is thick hair!) and Bioderma micellar water for skin, which I wanted to try for a long time, because of good reviews I have read. My observations- Latvian bloggers just love it! I with my sister will use this, I'm just sooo excited to try it. *Deep in the heart I still miss blogging about cosmetic products ugh*

I wish that you enjoyed this kind of post. And let me know- have you tried these products and what do you think? I will be pleased to hear!


New skinnies

Hey guys, how is it going? I'm fine. OK, I'm having hangover again and it is not fine! Not at all. But need to say, that yesterday was such a fun night, I with my friends celebrated my bestie name day at her terrace and later we went to some local dive bar, like as always, haha! And as always I'm having hangover. Need to change something, need to change this bohemian life style. Right now. So while my mom is resting at SPA with my aunt, my dad is chilling with his friends at our terrace, my sister is having fun with her best friend and I don't know where is my brother, I'm chilling alone and watching Snooki & Jwoww show, they're so crazy and funny, even thought I really don't enjoy show's like this or maybe I'm just still drunk. Haha, joking, I'm fine. 

I wanted to show my new skinnies which I really love, especially the pink one's, they fit me so well! But the white skinnies is challenge to me, I wanted white pants for so long and now, when I haven't wore them yet. Anyway, both of these pants is from H&M, they were cheap and I love them!

Which one of these skinnies do you prefer? Let me know. 
Have a nice weekend:) 


studded thong sandals

Hello! It's already midweek, time goes so fast and I still haven't find job for summer. I really want to find job, because right now my everyday routine is: waking up 12 AM, then making breakfast, after hour I'm ready to enjoy sun on trampoline, then I sunbathe for ~2 hours or less, sometimes I meet my friends and we chill together, but overall my life right now is pointless! Sh#t!!! I really want to work, no matter what kind of job, but I need to fill my day! I need to do something, sitting home drive me nuts. So yeah, about week or more I will relax and then I will start searching job. This summer will be insane!* *only if I will find job = money

Look at these wonderful sandals I bought week ago! Need to say, that I really hate to buy shoes right in store, because always when I see something I like, there won't gonna be my size. I have better experience in ordering shoes from online stores! Anyway, here they are- my studded thong sandals from Zara <3
(And again sorry, my photos were really bad, so I borrowed photo from internet.)

What kind of sandals do you prefer? Thong, gladiator, t-strap etc? Let me know!


H&M t-shirt

Hello readers! How is it going? Oh, finally I feel alive! All day I was sunbathing on my trampoline, when sleeping on it became boring, I deciced to chill on my balcony and read journals. So yeah, all day I just rested, tried to eat healthy, I wanted to do some exercise too, but naaaah, not gonna happen, haha! All day outside was about 28 degrees by celsius, but right now it's lightning outside. Crazy! 
Now back to the point this post was about- I wanted to show you guys my new t-shirt from H&M which I really love, haha. Perfect for summer!




What a night! Yep, last night I partied my ass out. I and my girls chilled at our apartmen *champagne showers* later we visited some local dive bar, where at first was nothing to do, but yeah, I got home about 4 AM. When I got up, oh my oh, my first thought was- I will never ever drink again. NEVER! But, yeah I say this shit every single time, when I have hangover. So yeah, I had quick shower, then I with my best friend had junk food for breakfast and then I watched my brother folk dance perfomance. I was really proud of him! When I got home, I fell asleep and here I am, still feeling horrible. I wish, that all of you celebrated may 31/june 1 as good as I did, haha!

Anyway, I remember, that I promised to show you guys, one of my latest boughts- my white dress. I made some pictures, but yeah, they're unpalatable, so yeah, photo from internet -


What do you think? Let me know!