Long day

Hey fellas! Yesterday was such a long day to me, after school I was to capital city with my bestfriend and boyfriend, then we met my sister there and went to shopping a bit and yeah, when I got home I thought that we've been robben, because my all my stuff in room was scattered and shit, my old camera was in my bed and I didn't understood- what the hell is going on? Then we realized that my little brother and his new best friend, neighbor girl had fun ir my room! For a moment I was so mad at them, but yeah, they are just kids. After that funny incitend I went to see my bby girl. Anyway, when I got home it already become dark outside, so yeah, I ate late dinner and went to sleep. Today I woke up and yeah, I'm sick- runny nose, my bones hurt and I'm not feeling good at all, and gooooosh- Monday I'm going to Stockholm! So, I wish that I will feel good. But yeah, right now I'm waiting for my bby girl Lāsma, we will chill together and stuff like this. 

I haven't done post like this for so long but yeah, here is few picks from Bershka, which I yesterday visited and actually found some pretty clothes too. Except dresses. I was looking for perfect summer dress or something solemn to attend my sisters graduation :)* and yeah, boyfriend bought me the most beautiful dress ever, I wish I will have time to show it to y'all guys!

(My favorite pick is these black&white skinnies, they're gorgeous! And as usually, didn't see them in store.)

What do you think about these picks? Let me know! 

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