Hey everyone! Finally I'm ready to post something about last days- from Moday to Wednesday I was in Stockholm! Actually, in Stockholm I was about 5, 6 hours or less. I with my classmates had a trip with Tallink ship and all can I say is that I had amazingly good time with few of my closest friends and people I just got to know. It was such a crazy party on board. After I got home, I immediately fell into my bed, even thought that I arranged to meet my best friend and then go to gym, yeaaah- after all I texted her, that I'm to exhausted to meet her and went back to my bed. School comes to an end, feels good but I have some much to do until that ugh. Weather outside is just perfect, I love these hot days when you can lay on trampoline and just sunbathe (actually I'm sunbathing often, but still I'm feel like pale zombie or sh*t) 

Today I don't have anything to show you, so I will share just with a photo from Stockholm with my bestie.

Have you guys ever been in Stockholm? I'm sure, that I will visit Stockholm again!

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  1. Why don't you post more pictures of yourself? Pictures like this

    1. Because, I don't have my own camera ugh. But sis, maybe I can borrow your cam? Or maybe you want be my personal photographer?