Perfect dress

Hi everyone! As I said before, I have new dress (unfortunately, I still haven't show it to you all guys, I will do it as soon as I can!) and the point of this post is- I'm addicted to dresses! Haha! Yeah, I just got new, perfect dress but when I get in shops all I see is dresses or if I check online shops, all I look for- dresses! I feel like I need more and more, and more. Do you know that feeling? :D I just can't wait for next time when I will buy dress, so I already have some favourite pieces summarized, so check them out below! 

(Necessary Clothing



What do you think about my picks? Let me know! 



Hey everyone! Finally I'm ready to post something about last days- from Moday to Wednesday I was in Stockholm! Actually, in Stockholm I was about 5, 6 hours or less. I with my classmates had a trip with Tallink ship and all can I say is that I had amazingly good time with few of my closest friends and people I just got to know. It was such a crazy party on board. After I got home, I immediately fell into my bed, even thought that I arranged to meet my best friend and then go to gym, yeaaah- after all I texted her, that I'm to exhausted to meet her and went back to my bed. School comes to an end, feels good but I have some much to do until that ugh. Weather outside is just perfect, I love these hot days when you can lay on trampoline and just sunbathe (actually I'm sunbathing often, but still I'm feel like pale zombie or sh*t) 

Today I don't have anything to show you, so I will share just with a photo from Stockholm with my bestie.

Have you guys ever been in Stockholm? I'm sure, that I will visit Stockholm again!


Long day

Hey fellas! Yesterday was such a long day to me, after school I was to capital city with my bestfriend and boyfriend, then we met my sister there and went to shopping a bit and yeah, when I got home I thought that we've been robben, because my all my stuff in room was scattered and shit, my old camera was in my bed and I didn't understood- what the hell is going on? Then we realized that my little brother and his new best friend, neighbor girl had fun ir my room! For a moment I was so mad at them, but yeah, they are just kids. After that funny incitend I went to see my bby girl. Anyway, when I got home it already become dark outside, so yeah, I ate late dinner and went to sleep. Today I woke up and yeah, I'm sick- runny nose, my bones hurt and I'm not feeling good at all, and gooooosh- Monday I'm going to Stockholm! So, I wish that I will feel good. But yeah, right now I'm waiting for my bby girl Lāsma, we will chill together and stuff like this. 

I haven't done post like this for so long but yeah, here is few picks from Bershka, which I yesterday visited and actually found some pretty clothes too. Except dresses. I was looking for perfect summer dress or something solemn to attend my sisters graduation :)* and yeah, boyfriend bought me the most beautiful dress ever, I wish I will have time to show it to y'all guys!

(My favorite pick is these black&white skinnies, they're gorgeous! And as usually, didn't see them in store.)

What do you think about these picks? Let me know! 


Rose crown & feeling lonely

Hello everybody! Wanted to say, that yesterday was such a nice day- after school I chilled with my baby girl , when I got home, my bf chilled with my sister, they made some coctails and muffins, even thougt we had some strife, later it was OK. Evening enden with chilly walk with sister, because we saw that something is burning and as we are living in small village, we wanted to see, haha! Anyway, we're too late and didn't see anything. Last days I'm feeling really strange.. Disagreement with others make me crazy. Actually, I really don't want to see anybody except my little brother and one of my best friends. 

So I'm searching for happiness in my blog, but gosh! I feel like I'm talking to myself here, guys! Why you all are so responsive? I'm really happy to see activities in my blog, but when I start to blog, it's so quiet here! I'm really want to talk with you guys!


My faves


Quick update

Hey fellas! Weather outside of the window is just adorable, finally I can wear my biker jacket or my favourite camo jacket, finally I can wear my fake Armani sunglasses! :D This morning I was to neighboring town, I had x-rays, actually I have done this before, but this time I was a little bit worried and stressed as hell I don't even know why. But I was OK. So I took a bus home, then bought some iced tea and went to school! After few boring lessons at school I went home, played with my little brother on the trampoline and just enjoyed warm weather outside! I had a big plans for weekend but now I don't know what I will do, party with my friends or not. 

Anyway, today I wanted to show 2 my latest purchases from Missguided! Check out these 2 gorgeous t-shirts I ordered 2 weeks ago and finally they are here! I'm so happy! Actually, this was my first order from Missguided and at first I was little worried and shit, but when I received them I was so happy! These shirts was so cheap because they was on sale and shipping was just about 3 pounds, not sure, but shipping was really cheap too! So yeah, I'm satisfied about my purchases and in love with Missguided sortiment, I'm sure that this wasn't the last order I made!

What do you guys think? Let me know!