New in; Denim shirt

Hi my sweethearts! Oh, it's sunday and as usually I'm bored as hell and actually tired too, even I have slept for 12 hours. Today I will do some homework for school, I should wash some clothes and then organize a closet and yeah, maybe I should bring tidiness in my room or not :D Will see, because right now I don't feel like doing anything. 

But yeah, today I wanted to share with my last buy - denim shirt! I wanted denim shirt for a long time, but when I tried some of them, they didn't look good on me. I saw a lot of shirts, they were lighter, darker, bleached, but I didn't like any of them. I saw one eye-catching shirt in Lindex, but I already gave up on 'perfect denim shirt mission', haha! Few weeks later I visited Lindex again and this time I decided to try it on and I immediately fall in love!


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