The only easy day was yesterday

Oh my, yesterday was such a hard day for me. I tried new exercises and if I thought that it will be easy shit, then right now I can say that it was really hard. *For me* But at least I do something, to keep fit. Later I had power nap, healthy snacks and then I started to study - oh my, I studied about 4 hours. (with few pauses + for an hour I watched House, coz it's one of my fav serials) And today, as I'm feeling not really good I took day off - I didn't attend my gymnastics at fitness gym. But I did a lot of home work! 

Today I wanted to share with few hot pieces from Zara TRF - camo jacket & gorgeous striped jacket. And they all are absolutely amazing. And of course heels - I want shoes like this for so long and as they isn't expensive, I think that I should bought them. Love them! 

Which one of these items do you liked the most? Let me know!

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