Spring trends

Hey everyone! My Easter holidays started on Friday and all these days I haven't done anything productive. I met one of my closest friend, we had lunch at local pizzeria; I was out for a coffee with my best friend; I had a lesson - don't trust a fucking stranger, who think that he can do anything with me and my life! I will never be that opened as I was to anyone. Right now I feel so bad, coz I betrayed myself. I'm not mad at person, who did that shit to me, I'm mad at myself, that I let him in my life. Anyway, what can I do? Nothing, I will trust in karma, as I have always done. Right now, I feel ready to blog as much as I did month or two ago.

Check out these stylish clothes from Pull&Bear, *even I need to say, that this time I'm little bit dissapointed, coz latest collection isn't as rebellious and gloomy as previous one. For me Pull&Bear always have been associated with black and gray colors, slighty boyish style, etc* 

Which one of these tops/shirts/blouses do u liked the most? Let me know
x <3

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