Necessary clothing

Hey! I'm sorry about rarely updating my blog, actually I have no excuse.. I just can't arrange my life, so these days was kinda crazy and I just didn't have time for blog. School is driving me nuts, after one week will start Easter holidays - I need to work and study, so I can enjoy my holidays. I'm still going to gym, to do gymnastics. Few days ago I was in Riga, we with classmates checked some young firms which belonging to as young people as we are. It's amazing, there was firms from 26 contries.Of course, we quickly checked them out and then I with my girl checked spring collection in stores. And yesterday was fifth week without partying. It's crazy, I just hate to sit home at fridays.. So yesterday to reduce my sorrow of sitting home, I with my best friend chilled at her place with some coctails named Garage. 

Today I wanted to show few picks of my favorite store ever and ever, even though that I never have shop there and I don't own any piece of their clothes.. Anyway, they sell amazing clothes, I love them!


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