Happy name day, dear brother!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with picture my sister taked this morning - 

My little brother love donuts, he is crazy about them! When he saw them, he looked so happy and he didn't want to eat them at once - he wanted to show mom that he got them!
I love this photo.


Hot neon and fresh mint

Right now I should be in my warm and cozy bed, but I got inspired, while I was listening to Calvin Harris ft. Example - We'll be coming back, which remind me of summer 2012. So I just needed to make this wantie post!! I'm absolutely in love with these minty Lacoste sneakers, I need them! 

Hot neon and fresh mint by hellodope featuring victoria s

Sweet dreams and don't let the bedbugs bite!

Follow me

We all know that Google will terminate Google reader on July 1, so I wanted to say, that you all can follow me in Bloglovin' or Hellocotton (Bagdes on the right side of the blog, below). 

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Spring trends

Hey everyone! My Easter holidays started on Friday and all these days I haven't done anything productive. I met one of my closest friend, we had lunch at local pizzeria; I was out for a coffee with my best friend; I had a lesson - don't trust a fucking stranger, who think that he can do anything with me and my life! I will never be that opened as I was to anyone. Right now I feel so bad, coz I betrayed myself. I'm not mad at person, who did that shit to me, I'm mad at myself, that I let him in my life. Anyway, what can I do? Nothing, I will trust in karma, as I have always done. Right now, I feel ready to blog as much as I did month or two ago.

Check out these stylish clothes from Pull&Bear, *even I need to say, that this time I'm little bit dissapointed, coz latest collection isn't as rebellious and gloomy as previous one. For me Pull&Bear always have been associated with black and gray colors, slighty boyish style, etc* 

Which one of these tops/shirts/blouses do u liked the most? Let me know
x <3


The only easy day was yesterday

Oh my, yesterday was such a hard day for me. I tried new exercises and if I thought that it will be easy shit, then right now I can say that it was really hard. *For me* But at least I do something, to keep fit. Later I had power nap, healthy snacks and then I started to study - oh my, I studied about 4 hours. (with few pauses + for an hour I watched House, coz it's one of my fav serials) And today, as I'm feeling not really good I took day off - I didn't attend my gymnastics at fitness gym. But I did a lot of home work! 

Today I wanted to share with few hot pieces from Zara TRF - camo jacket & gorgeous striped jacket. And they all are absolutely amazing. And of course heels - I want shoes like this for so long and as they isn't expensive, I think that I should bought them. Love them! 

Which one of these items do you liked the most? Let me know!


Oh my, time to celebrate!

Everyone, it's blog 1 year anniversary! Big thanks to all followers, without y'all blog would be nothing! Love you all! 

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Necessary clothing

Hey! I'm sorry about rarely updating my blog, actually I have no excuse.. I just can't arrange my life, so these days was kinda crazy and I just didn't have time for blog. School is driving me nuts, after one week will start Easter holidays - I need to work and study, so I can enjoy my holidays. I'm still going to gym, to do gymnastics. Few days ago I was in Riga, we with classmates checked some young firms which belonging to as young people as we are. It's amazing, there was firms from 26 contries.Of course, we quickly checked them out and then I with my girl checked spring collection in stores. And yesterday was fifth week without partying. It's crazy, I just hate to sit home at fridays.. So yesterday to reduce my sorrow of sitting home, I with my best friend chilled at her place with some coctails named Garage. 

Today I wanted to show few picks of my favorite store ever and ever, even though that I never have shop there and I don't own any piece of their clothes.. Anyway, they sell amazing clothes, I love them!



Again and again and again

Hi everyone, today I'm sharing with few hot pieces from Bershka (If I understood correctly these pieces is from latest collection named Surfin Safari, but not all of this clothing pieces is from SS colection.) 

As ussualy I'm in love with colorful t-shirts and boom! Something bleak and simple.. I just can't myself! :D 



summer, oh summer

Hi sweeties, yesterday I check'd Pull&Bear online shop, actually I didn't found anything eye-catching but these shorts. Oh my, I'm totally in love. I wish that they will arrive to Latvia Pull&Bear shops, because I need these shorts! <3

What do you think about colorful shorts? Let me know