I'm sure, that all my sweet readers already are tired of frequent updating in blog, but as I am inspired today, I really wanted to share with my tasty meals -

 My aunt with mom are hanging out together, so I with my sister had sushi night together. (OK, it was not real sushi night, it was afternoon, but sushi night sounds better. We had a great time together, wasabi was hot as hell, so we're laughing 'bout our visages while eating it.)
[Photo by sister]

Here is photo of my super tasty and healthy dinner - cherry tomatoes, avacado slices, slice of lime and fresh salmon decorated with cress. My aunt have such a good salmon marinade recipe, so my dinner was just perfect! (Actually, as my aunt & mom still are hanging out, I baked salmon on my own, for the first time. I was quite worried, if it will be good, not a half-baked, but it was really good, so I am really proud of myself. [photo by myself]

OK, sweet's, this is all from me today.

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  1. Wow that looks gorgeous!!! very healthy and yummy!


  2. Atbildes
    1. Oh, you're not the only one who feels hungry right now, haha!
      Thanks for leaving comment, I will check your links:)
      Yey, I'm in! Such a nice giveaway:) Thank you!