New in; Zara

Hey sweeties, oh. Today at class we're 8 people, because others had 'shadow day' (thats like - you chose some person with profession you are interested and all day you watch how that person do his job, his everyday routine n shit like that. Sorry, It's little bit hard to tell you all.) So, day at school was easy, even we got 7 lessons, it was fun! Special sport lesson! :D But when I got home, I thought that I will die, my stomach hurt so bad! So I had sleep break and here I am - more tired than ever :D

But now, one of the last but not least buy - black cardigan from Zara. Here comes apology again - it was really hard to make normal photos of this cardigan! But I really love this cardigan - it's sooo comfy:) And it was cheap too!


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  1. Zara's cardis are the best!