Gina Tricot

Hello guys, today I wanted to share with my opinion about Gina Tricot store. I remember that first time when I heard about this store I thought that it's like second hand shop, (And actually I really don't like second hand shops, I just can't buy anything there, much more I think I will never wore something that I had purchased there, because I feel like I take someone else's negative emotions, etc. I just can't get over this shit! :| ) so when I was in Sweden about 2 years ago, I lost the oppurtunity to shop there. 

Right now I think, that this one of the coolest store ever, there always are so much things I would love to see on me, and much more - they always are soooooo cheap. I'm really upset because in Latvia we don't have Gina Tricot shops. And I'm not sure, if they ship clothes to LV. Anyway, few t-shirts I love down below - 


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