Hi everyone, I'm sorry, but till march I will not update my blog, because of my internet limit, I have just spent and much more, right now I have lost my inspiration + school is driving me nuts!

Mallorca, I miss u so badly! :( I really, really miss days there, it was so beautiful. Not just place and nature but culture too. It's crazy, how diffirent people all around world are and how little pf them I have seen. Hmn, I just can't imagine - what will be my next journey spot! What do you recommend? Which place do you loved the most? x 


Gina Tricot

Hello guys, today I wanted to share with my opinion about Gina Tricot store. I remember that first time when I heard about this store I thought that it's like second hand shop, (And actually I really don't like second hand shops, I just can't buy anything there, much more I think I will never wore something that I had purchased there, because I feel like I take someone else's negative emotions, etc. I just can't get over this shit! :| ) so when I was in Sweden about 2 years ago, I lost the oppurtunity to shop there. 

Right now I think, that this one of the coolest store ever, there always are so much things I would love to see on me, and much more - they always are soooooo cheap. I'm really upset because in Latvia we don't have Gina Tricot shops. And I'm not sure, if they ship clothes to LV. Anyway, few t-shirts I love down below - 


Sullen spring



Hey fellas! I'm feelin' good because today at school I had just 5 lessons, they we're easy as pie and much more - I had a lot of fun with my friends. Best of all I love my english lessons, my teacher is really handsome, but much more - I always have fun with my best friend and boys behind us. 

But today I'm showing y'all one of my favourite buys - simple, black t-shirt from Lindex. It's plan and I love how it looks on me. Actually, Lindex have been one of my favorite shops as long as I remember myself. I was about 12 years old, when I first time check out they shop and I fall in love with they clothes and stuff. So, it's already 5 years passed and I still visit Lindex, but I don't remember last time when I bought something more that just simple white or black shirts, lingerie, jewelry or hair elastics, even they really sell good stuff!

Do you shop at Lindex? Let me know!


New in; Zara

Hey sweeties, oh. Today at class we're 8 people, because others had 'shadow day' (thats like - you chose some person with profession you are interested and all day you watch how that person do his job, his everyday routine n shit like that. Sorry, It's little bit hard to tell you all.) So, day at school was easy, even we got 7 lessons, it was fun! Special sport lesson! :D But when I got home, I thought that I will die, my stomach hurt so bad! So I had sleep break and here I am - more tired than ever :D

But now, one of the last but not least buy - black cardigan from Zara. Here comes apology again - it was really hard to make normal photos of this cardigan! But I really love this cardigan - it's sooo comfy:) And it was cheap too!



New in;

Leather jacket. I didn't plan to buy leather jacket, but I was checking out crop&town (Even I really don't like that shop, there was few nice things to buy) and I saw this jacket, with price 20 euros. I thought, what the hell? Spontaneous purchase! 

As usually I fall in love with skull printing. I couldn't help myself. I'm just in love with this shirt.
H&M, 10 euro.

They will be few more photos, but not today! Kisses:) 

Super delicious dinner!

Hey everyone, today I'm feeling really sad. Last night was really OK, but anyway, I came home so early. Actually, these day's I'm feeling so lonely and lost.. I just need friend next to me, a real friend, who will now how to cheer me up. I don't know how does I keep myself inspired, but yeah, 

here it is - new post, my dinner today! Fresh fruit salad. (Includes - banana, kiwi, orange slices, lime juice and honey.) Oh, it was so delicious and healthy:) 

Wanties #3


Wanties /Pull&Bear

Hello fellas, today I'm sharing with few picks from Pull&Bear. Since I bought my nike sneakers I love to mix them with simple t-shirts and stuff like that. I have realized, that I love kind a boyish things and style, so checkout below my picks:)

What to do think about Pull&Bear? Do you shop there?
Let me know!



I'm sure, that all my sweet readers already are tired of frequent updating in blog, but as I am inspired today, I really wanted to share with my tasty meals -

 My aunt with mom are hanging out together, so I with my sister had sushi night together. (OK, it was not real sushi night, it was afternoon, but sushi night sounds better. We had a great time together, wasabi was hot as hell, so we're laughing 'bout our visages while eating it.)
[Photo by sister]

Here is photo of my super tasty and healthy dinner - cherry tomatoes, avacado slices, slice of lime and fresh salmon decorated with cress. My aunt have such a good salmon marinade recipe, so my dinner was just perfect! (Actually, as my aunt & mom still are hanging out, I baked salmon on my own, for the first time. I was quite worried, if it will be good, not a half-baked, but it was really good, so I am really proud of myself. [photo by myself]

OK, sweet's, this is all from me today.

Hello spring

H&M top

Hi my lovely readers, today I just wanted to show, top I got from H&M few months ago and I'm really in love with it! It's so comfy, I love the color and shape. I don't know why I didn't show you guys before, but this have been my favourite clothing to wear from the moment I got it!

Oh, my aunt just arrived, we will eat some sushi and just chill :) Have a nice weekend, kisses!



Hey folks. Oh, today sun is shining so bright, feels like it's spring already, but it's not! It's just 1. february, and I'm going crazy, because I really hate weather outside - OK, right now it's warm and enjoyable but tomorrow it will be cold and dreary. It's just driving me nuts! But anyway, just one month, until spring season starting. 

Today I'm sharing with few nice picks from Bershka, mostly white tones dominates. I really love the pink parka, It's soooo pink, even pink is not my favourite color, this tone is just woderful. I wish that, this jacket/parka will be available in Latvia Bershka stores, I'm in love with it! Perfect for spring, because it's kind a plan.

Which one of these picks do you like the most? Let me know