New in;

Hey everyone, how was your day? Mine was really chill, I had 7 lessons at school, one of them - Russian language I didn't attend, because I really wanted to sleep, and even if I had 6 lessons, I got just 3 books and few notebooks in my bag, so yeah, I'm such a lazy-ass. And much more, I have my own PC back, oh, I'm so happy! So stay tunned, I will update as much as I can. 

But today, I wanted to talk about my new shoes. Actually, I don't remember how to call them, so, if these have special name, please, write it below in comments. *Urgh, Eliza!!* I ordered them from Latvian online outlet shop. I already had told you all, that I really don't like to order something from internet, because you never know, how  your order will look and will it fit you, and will your order be comfy? For example: when you shop, you can try your shoes and when you try them, you know - is they comfortable for you, or not. And much more, when you walk in shop, you already see how shoes are looking, from all sides. When you shop online, you never know, how does these things look in real life. And today, I am little bit dissapointed. I ordered light nude shoes, and what I got? These are not light nude, I would say, that these ones is brown. OK, they we're cheap, about 18 euros + delivery ~ 4 euros. Delivery from Stilago is good, they will visit you personally, to give your shipment to your hands. Much more, they will call you ~1, 2 times, to ask you, when you will be home and stuff like that. Anyway, spring is coming, I'm sure, that I will mix them with some simple outfit, and they will be look good. It was experience, for me, haha :)



Bershka: Oasis ginger

Few super stylish clothes from Bershka, collection Oasis Ginger <3

What's your favourite pick of this collection?


birthday girl

Hi sweeties, guess what? Today I turned 17! *Such a good feeling, haha* My mom gave me such a cute card with a nice words inside, it made me feel so happy. Today I received such a great gift from my dear friend Lāsma, it was so cute - I came inside my class wardrobe, and she was there with mini cake and one candle on it, and she gave me balloons with our inside jokes written on them. I'm so happy for that present, I'm happy about everyone greetings, from my family, friends, classmates.. I'm soooo excited! Thank you everbody!

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I wish u all had a nice day,


Bad day

Hey! How was your day? Mine was.. ghdhyserhnvjd, hate it! Today Christmas holidays ended, so I was at school and.. it's just too exhausting. Tomorrow is my first test this semester, in maths, can it get worse? Oh, yes it can - my laptop died, I have no idea what to do with it. So right now I'm using familiys pc, having head-aches, I'm tired.. BAD DAY.

But here some pieces of nice clothes, from Zara, they all is on SALE, so hurry up!

Have a nice day


A little bit conservative

Hello everybody. Today I'm such a lazy-ass, gosh. I woke up so late (OK, everyday I'm sleeping 'til lunch time, haha) and all day I sat in my bed watching Grey's Anatomy last seasons. Actually, I heard about this serial before, but I never understand about what it is. Last night I watched it, and I'm in love! I don't remember last time when I loved a serial so much, as I do now! I'm such a big fan of medical serials, like ER or Scrubs. Grey's Anatomy is just perfect serial. But now back to the point this post was about, few clothes from Zara, some of them is a little bit conservative, some of them simple, anyway, I would love to see them all into my wardrobe.

That's all for today,



Hi sweeties, it's 2013.01.01 already. I hope that you celebrate it good enough, and I hope, that all your dreams and ambitions this year will come true. Actually, this year I will love myself as much as I can, and I will do everything I want to, I will learn to live!
Last night, I were visiting my relatives and we celebrated together New Year. I wanted to celebrate NY with my friends, but yeah, it wasn't so bad to chill with grandpa and granny, haha. Below few pictures, my sis taked -