Let's change.


Hello everyone :) This is last week when I'm goin' to study, (OK, actually I do not study at all, my grades will be moderate for me, bad for my parents. I'm such a lazy-ass in these school things.) but anyway, I'm going to do as much as I can. Christmas time and New Year's Eve is coming so fast and not just for me, but for all New Year's Eve is something special. New year - new challenge, new ambitions, new goal's. I'm so exited! Time to change something, isn't it? And, if we are talking about changes - for weeks I was thinking, maybe change something in blog? It's kind a mixed with beauty products and fashionable posts. Actually, I don't know anything about beauty products at all, just that eye shadows is for eyes, lip balm - for lips, etc. I'm huge fan of cosmetic brands, I am informed about beauty products, but it's not my thing anyway. This knowledge is just for myself, and it's not good enough and interesing, so I just can't write about it. So, from January I will post just about fashionable things, new trends, etc. I wish, that I will be inspired enough, to made some outfit posts. Huh, finally I'm done! Maybe you have something to suggest, to make my blog as good as it can be? Let me know! Kisses! Elizabete

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